Best Sisig in Cebu
A dish of chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers seasoned with calamansi and topped with an egg, typically served on a hotplate.

Do you want some Pork Sisig? No more cravings! Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and I’ve got you covered. I’ve compiled a list of the best Sisig in Cebu for you to try.

Here are the 10 Best Sisig in the Cebu

  1. Uncle Roger’s Special Sisig

    Uncle Roger's Special Sisig

    Uncle Roger’s Special Sisig serves affordable Sisig-packed combo meals for a large group. They are making it new and convenient for you! Ideal for group gatherings, parties, seminars, and family reunions.

    Branches: La Citadella, Talamban, Cebu City / JJ Marketplace, Mandaue City
    Contact: 0949 469 5103

    Uncle rogers special sisig special sisiguncle rogers special sisig roger rabbit sisig
  2. Boknoks Sisig Express

    Boknoks Sisig Express

    The Boknoks Sisig Express offers a unique twist on traditional sisig. They decided to create their own version, which is made of pure pork belly and seasoned with onion, chili peppers, Kalamansi, and other ingredients.

    Address: Modena Town Square Minglanilla Cebu, Philippines
    Contact: 0939 186 1601

     Boknoks Sisig Express Beef Sisig Boknoks Sisig Express Menu
  3. Moi’s Sisig

    Moi’s Sisig

    Moi’s Sisig has its own unique style. They improved the taste of pork sisig and the quality of their product so that they could serve and satisfy your cravings.

    Address: Eskina Cebu Academy, Poblacion Carmen Cebu 6005 Cebu City, Philippines
    Email: [email protected]

    Moi’s Sisig MenuMoi’s Sisig Unli Rice
  4. Sisig Haven

    Sisig Haven

    Sisig Haven is a small online business that provides tasty food that is budget-friendly. A mouth-watering food with a mixture of sweetness and spiciness that people will surely love.

    Address: L. Jayme St., 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines
    Contact: 0932 268 1457
    Email: [email protected]

    Sisig Haven MenuSisig Haven Delicious Menu
  5. Sisig 101

    Sisig 101

    Sisig 101 in Cebu is both affordable and freshly prepared. According to customers, the sisig is “delicious and the best I’ve tasted in Cebu City!”

    Address: Buhisan Proper 6000 Kinasang-An Pardo, Philippines
    Contact: 0926 605 3559
    Email: [email protected]

     Sisig 101 Menu Sisig 101 Yummy Menu
  6. Pekto’s Sizzling Plato

    Pekto's Sizzling Plato

    The Pekto’s Sizzling Plato is reinventing the authentic taste of delectable Filipino dishes and bringing out the best in order to strengthen the food business industry. They are the only food cart franchising company that offers Sizzling Plate dishes.

    Address: 15B J Panis St., Kasambagan Banilad 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
    Email: [email protected]

     Pektos Sizzling Plato Pork SisigPektos Sizzling Plato Sisig
  7. Sisig Teriyaki

    Sisig Teriyaki

    Another Sisig you should try is Sisig Teriyaki. It is very inexpensive, very convenient, and very tasty!

    Address: Across SWU Medical Center J Urgello Street 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
    Contact: 0961 525 5455
    Email: [email protected]

     Sisig Teriyaki Best Seller Sisig Teriyaki Menu
  8. Silogan Sa Opao

    Silogan Sa Opao

    Silogan sa Opao is one of Cebu’s best sisig restaurants. Aside from Sisig, they also serve various types of Silogan and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Address: G Ouano St. Opao 6014 Mandaue City, Philippines
    Contact: 2725906

     Silogan Sa Opao Menu
  9. Sisig Hooray Cebu

    Sisig Hooray Cebu

    The First and the Original Freshly Prepared Sisig since 2005, inspired to innovate the Pinoy’s favorite pulutan! Sisig Hooray, the first and original purveyor of freshly prepared sisig in the country, opened its first store in 2005.

    Today, Sisig Hooray continues to serve the best sisig with over 40 stores around Metro Manila and its nearby provinces, as well as Cebu and Zamboanga.

    Address: Pacific Mall, MC Briones St. 6000 Mandaue City, Philippines
    Contact: 0922 852 7010
    Email: [email protected]

     Sisig Hooray Cebu Menu Sisig Hooray Cebu Barkada Menu
  10. Sisig Sarap

    Sisig Sarap

    Sisig Sarap branches are located at Robinsons Place Fuente, Elizabeth Mall, Ayala Central Bloc, Island Central Mall, Bacolod City, Butuan City, and Roxas City

    Sizzling Hot Sisiglicious at Sisig Sarap! Visit our branches at Robinson’s Place; Foodcourt Area, Elizabeth Mall; Foodcourt Area, Ebloc Ayala

    Sisig Sarap Specialties: Sisig Kanin, Gambas Sisig, Roadhouse Beef Sisig, Riblets Sisig, Seafood Sisig, Pork Sarap Sisig, Sisig Berks, Liempo Sisig, Spanish Chorizo Sisig.

    Address: L/G Robinson’s Place Cebu 6006 Cebu City, Philippines
    Contact: (032) 233 5618

     Sisig Sarap Sisig Menu Sisig Sarap Elizabeth Mall
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