Hanging Bridge Bohol
Bamboo Hanging Bridge is One of The Top Destination in Bohol

One of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines is Bohol. This province is known to be the most popular destination Chocolate hills. There are forty-seven municipalities and one thousand one hundred nine Barangay in this province. You can go anywhere in Bohol using a private car in five days Boholano term called “Round Bohol”. The place is one and half hours from Cebu.

This province is popular with the tourist destination local and international with a healthy government in Panglao, Bohol. The capital of this province is Tagbilaran City. Buy the second week of October the Panglao International Airport will be open and Tagbilaran Airport will be closed as the Government said last week of September. The Department of Tourism will be expecting lots of tourists will be visiting Bohol.

How To Get There

  • Book a flight going to Tagbilaran/Panglao Airport
  • Ride Tricycle going to Dao Terminal
  • From the Dao terminal, you can go anywhere in Bohol riding Bus

Things To Do in Bohol

Bohol is the place many things will do in One Island. No surprise this is one island we proud as Filipino. Yes, we have many tourist spots but this is additional to become known internationally. I really love this place even If years passed by Bohol was devastated by Earthquake but still we make it little by little to stand up again and life must go on.

A nice place to relax and bond with the family. Many recreational activities this place can offer to the visitor’s visits here. You can visit here the famous Chocolate hills with the great contribution to our History. The known beaches and resort in Panglao must try to visit and will surely enjoy the white sand here. The famous small animal called the tarsier that will only see here in Bohol will surely amaze you with the eyes of the animal.

My Place is Bohol

I am living this place peacefully and growing up here seeing the changes time flies. Through the help of each people living here, we achieved what we have now. Were contented but still, we have room for improvement to enhance what nature gave us to enjoy our place.

Indeed Bohol has a nice and peaceful environment. Good for the people who want away from traffic and noise environment in the city. I highly recommend my place to visit and experience how life in an Island differs from City. Affordable fare and nice food to eat, and also a comfortable place to stay visit Bohol the heart of peace. Amazing Round Bohol Visit now and enjoy!

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If you ain’t satisfied, I have added a google street view of the famous Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Bohol that will make you want to go there.

Have you been to Bohol? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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