Top 10 Restaurants in Bohol
Bohol as all the best restaurants in the Philippines

Food delivery is the most demanding business nowadays. It helps not to go out to buy food and exposed us to an environment that is not healthy for us. It is very helpful to us in pandemics time this kind of service. In relation to this, I have listed the Top 10 Restaurants in Bohol That Offers Food Delivery.

Here are the Top 10 Restaurants in Bohol That Offers Food Delivery

  1. Hideout Food Park

    Hideout Food Park

    One of the most food deliveries offers a variety of foods. The Hideout Food Park is composed of 10 food stalls with different menus. Each food stall has its own signature dishes.

    Here are the following stalls and their menu:

    – Jarcafe – Coffee & Frappes
    – Shakes
    – Grilled/Fried Pork Belly
    – Grilled/Fried Pork Chop
    – Chicken Schnitzel
    · Tea Bistro Silog
    – Bangsilog
    – Pork Silog
    – Hot Silog
    – Humba Silog
    – Chicksilog
    – Sinugbang Belly
    – Tinolang Tuna
    – Kinilaw
    – Spicy Bagabay
    · Sneaky Snaxs – Flavored Fries
    – Ultimate Triple Decker
    – Smoky Bacon Sausage
    – Loaded Bacon Cheese Fries
    – Hungarian Sausage
    – Nachos
    · Cheat Day – Unlimited/Buffet
    – Garlic Shrimp
    – Sweet Chili Crab
    – Dinakdakan
    – Paste
    – Chicken
    · Budo – Pork Adobo Supreme
    – Chicken Adobo Supreme
    – Beef Adobo Supreme
    – Squid Adobo Supreme
    · Streat Eats – Pochero
    – Tinolang Manok
    – Sizzling Sisig
    – Sizzling Gambas
    – Beef Teriyaki
    – Pork Teriyaki
    – Chicken Teriyaki
    · Honcho – Lechon Belly
    – Balbacua
    – Sulit Meals with Rice & Drinks
    · Z’s Special Barbeque
    – Barbeque Combo Meals with Rice
    – Pork Belly
    – Pork Barbeque
    – Chicken Wings
    – Chicken Leg
    – Pecho

    Facebook: @ hideoutfoodparkbohol
    Number: 09171338553
    Location: Sumampong St., Dampas District Tagbilaran City
    Time: 11 AM- 6 PM

  2. Cafe Racer Diner

    Cafe Racer Diner

    This restaurant also offers delivery services. Cafe Racer Diner is one of the good taste restaurants in the city. Due to the pandemic to compete, they should offer this kind of service.

    They offer the following:

    Café Racer Cheese Burger
    Breaded pork chop
    Spare nuggets
    Seafood platter
    Shrimp popcorn
    Chicken Wings Ala Cart
    Crispy Sisig

    Facebook: @ caferacerbohol
    Number: 427-4670/ 038-427-4670
    Location: Poblacion Dauis Bohol
    Time: 11 AM – 8 PM

  3. Tuslob Buwa de Bohol

    Tuslob Buwa de Bohol

    This place is one of the most affordable sweets in the town. Tuslob Buwa de Bohol also offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

    Here are the following menus they offer:

    Best Seller Overload Mango
    Best Seller Overload Avocado
    Best Seller Overload Ube Banana
    Best Seller Overload Macapuno
    Fiesta Bilao Set-1
    Fiesta Bilao Set-2
    Boneless Lechon

    Facebook: @ tarsierfooddelivery
    Number: 09457560978
    Location: 0584 CPG North Ave. Cogon District fronting Bohol Wisdom School Tagbilaran City
    Time: 10 AM-10 PM

  4. PAPA G’s


    PAPA G’s serves food delivery offers a variety of Sets good for Family and Barkadahan. Here are the lists:

    All in One Bilao
    Pulutan Bilao
    Pungko-pungko Bilao
    Palabok Bilao
    Pancit Bam-I Bilao
    Chicken Wings

    Facebook: @ tarsierfooddelivery
    Number: 09568437784
    Location: G. Lamdagan St. Cogon District Tagbilaran City
    Time: 11 AM-3 PM

  5. Kayo’s Food

    Kayo's Food

    This restaurant makes you crave special foods. Kayo’s Food also offers affordable food that makes us not good out and convenient. Here are the best sellers of these restaurants

    Special meaty spaghetti
    Sweet and spicy Barbeque
    Kayos Combo
    Combo Bilao
    Creamy blueberry Float
    Creamy Mango Float
    Pure Avocado Icecream
    Choco Balls

    Facebook: @ Kayo’sFood
    Email: [email protected]
    Number: 09086623670/09338532480/038-544-1138
    Location: Tagbilaran City
    Time: 7 AM – 5 PM

  6. PAPA Paul’s Lutong Bahay

    PAPA Pauls Lutong Bahay

    A person’s wants like Lutong Bahay menus I will surely recommend this Restaurant. Order their food feels like it Cooks like in a home. Here are their following menus:

    Vegetable Lumpia
    Chicken Coreon Bleu
    Cola wings
    Honey Lemon Chicken
    Sinugbang Baboy
    Garlic Butter Shrimp
    Bilao Pancit
    Native Chicken Halang Halang

    Facebook: @ PAPA PAUL’S Lutang Bahay
    Number: 0935 363 8297/427-3997
    Location: Mansasa Tagbilaran City
    Time: 7 AM – 5 PM

  7. Passiflora Cafe

    Passiflora Cafe

    Fulfill the cravings for the sweetest and most delicious snacks. I will recommend this Passiflora CAFÉ they offer a lot like;

    Meaty Spaghetti
    Rogation slice
    Cookies & cream shake
    iced chai latte
    matcha latte
    red velvet cake
    Thai Tea

    Facebook: @ Passiflora CAFE
    Number: 09189623362
    Location: K of C Gallares St. Poblacion II Tagbilaran City
    Time: 6 AM – 10 PM

  8. Wing It

    Wing It

    If you want chicken wings with a variety of flavors then Wing It is the place to be. You can order and it has a free delivery service. Here are the flavors they offer:

    Chicken Honey garlic
    Chicken Wing it Buffalo
    Chicken Garlic Parmesans
    Chicken Original Wings It Wings
    Chicken Sweet Soy

    Facebook: @ Wingit Number: 09164077662
    Location: Pacoma Apartments, Penaflor Taloto Dist., Tagbilaran City
    Time: 6 AM -7 PM

  9. H-Kitchen

    H - Kitchen

    H – Kitchen offers delicious and affordable BAKED SUSHI. To all sushi bake lovers. They are now accepting orders and delivery around Bohol.

    Facebook: @ hkitchen Number: 09301143456
    Location: T. Escobilla St., Taloto District, Tagbilaran
    Time: 9 AM – 8 PM

  10. Basak Bistro

    Basak Bistro

    This started out as a favorite pastime and turned out to be a hit when a young mother of two with an entrepreneurial spirit. Basak Bistro aims to deliver pizza flavors that are distinctively Boholano. It’s pizza that’s made just the way a Boholano would like it.

    They offer the following:

    Bacon & Cheese
    Overloaded (best seller)
    Beef Shawarma

    Facebook: @ basakbistro Number: 09461576408
    Location: Vennore Building, J.A. Clarin Street Tagbilaran
    Time: 12 PM – 8 PM

Food delivery now a day is one of the most important services we can offer. Due to pandemics lots of these services make every person survive. Almost all do this kind of business because some of the companies temporarily closed, closed, and lay off their employees. Nearest 6 months the pandemic living and surviving with us. We can see each Filipino find their own ways to survive even if our economic situation goes down. Life must go on and let’s continue what wave started.

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