Chocolate Hills: Wonders of Bohol

Discover Bohol's Natural Hills

Chocolate Hills Overview
Overview of Chocolate Hills - Carmen, Bohol, Philippines

Aside from Cebu, Bohol has wonders to be proud of. When you visit Bohol, don’t miss out on a trip to the Chocolate Hills. These hills are one of Bohol’s most renowned attractions, popular among local and foreign tourists. When people see pictures of this unique landscape for the first time, it’s often hard to believe that these hills are not human-made structures – they are, in fact, a natural wonder, often referred to as ‘God’s Little Paradise.’

The hills consist of no less than 1,776 hills (claim this to be the exact number). They are very uniform in shape and mostly between 30 and 50 meters high. Indeed, during the dry season, these hills become adorned with grass that undergoes a striking transformation, resembling a luxurious, chocolate-brown carpet. This distinctive color changed the slope to their name, “Chocolate Hills.” During other seasons, when the grass is green, it might be challenging to see the connection between the hills and their chocolatey name.

The Chocolate Hills represent a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. Experts estimate that these hills spread across more than 50 square kilometers between 1,260 to 1,776.

Chocolate Hills Pregnant Woman
Chocolate Hills Pregnant Woman

A group of hills in the famous Chocolate Hills is sometimes jokingly called the Pregnant Woman by Local Boholanos. Aside from Chocolate Hills, Bohol can also do Tarsier Sanctuary and Loboc River.

The Myth of Chocolate Hills

In ancient times, there was a local tale about Bohol island. It used to be a big piece of dry land. When the sun blazed, the rice fields would crack. But when the rainy season came, the dusty ground became muddy. The existent transformation happened during the rice season when the grassland turned into a lush, green sea.

Two giants arrived in the land of Bohol, one from the North and the other from the South. They stood face to face, tension filling the air. It was the rainy season, and the ground was muddy. The South giant scooped up mud from the floor and hurled it at the North giant. Not to be outdone, the North giant also scooped up soil, forming his mud balls and sending them flying back at his counterpart from the South.

As the battle grew more intense, both giants hurled thousands of mud balls back and forth, covering the entire land in Bohol with these muddy projectiles. Neither giant was willing to give up, and they continued their fierce exchange until they both ran out of energy. Exhausted from the duel, both giants eventually collapsed to the ground and passed away. What remained from their heated confrontation were hills formed from the mud balls they had thrown. Since then, the people of Bohol have enjoyed a life of peace and happiness on their land, coexisting harmoniously with these distinctive hills.

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