Man-Made Forest in Bohol

Man-made forest Bohol
A Stunning Man-Made Forest Located in Bohol, Philippines

The Man-Made forest in Bohol is the first man-made forest in the Philippines. This is Boholanos’ hardship and protection from any storm that will come. It also shows the love of the people from this place.

The Man-Made Forest in Bohol

It was a calm and fine day unwinding our minds. Passing this forest located Bilar and Loboc towns. Less than an hour from Tagbilaran City. This tourist spot has NO entrance fee. You can take pictures all you want in any part.

Man-Made Forest Bohol
Bohol Man-Made is a mahogany forest stretching in a 2km stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees

You can see here the tree’s uniformity in their height. Feel the calm and green environment. Some of the trees have their own fruits and you also identify the old ones with younger ones. You will amaze by the formation of the trees, especially on the road.

Personal Experience

It’s been many times I’ve passes this road the beauty and the unique man-made reminds gorgeous. The branches and leaves of the trees cover the whole forest. Trees were smiling and the quietness of the forest is some kinda stress reliever. I still love the area where you can relax and eat while in the forest.

The trees you can see here were mostly mahogany. The thickness and shape of the trees were similar. The rooms were big and spread along the road. Indeed the beautiful place was very great.

Walking Around The Forest

I really love walking around the forest and seeing the trees singing. If no one told me this is a manmade forest and I am new here, I would say it is a virgin forest. The trees around me are very pretty. My mind and soul wanted to put a home here.

You can see in the picture that lots of tourists drop here and take pictures. They were happy seeing what the forest looks like in their places but it is manmade.

Tourists Experience

Local and International tourists are welcome to explore the man-made forest. Feel the nature and the perfect environment to free your mind. Distress yourself and take time to love yourself from this wonderful nature.

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If you are busy visiting this forest, I have added a street view of the Man-Made Forest in Bohol for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy this 360-degree view.

Have you been to Man-Made Forest in Bohol? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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