ShipHaus Bohol
Welcome Aboard to ShipHaus in Bohol

A ShipHaus is one of the new tourist attractions local and international in Bohol. Located at Loay Interior Road, Batuan Bohol. The owner of this ShipHaus is Captain Gaudencio T. Dumapias he’s a seaman and until now he is still working as a seafarer.

ShipHaus Bohol
A House is Like a Shipping Vessel

A house built uniquely like a shipping vessel in the town of Batuan Bohol. The entrance fee is only Php 20.00 you can tour the entire shipping vessel. You feel amazing when you’re inside the ship it is very similar to the ship sailing in the sea.

How To Get There

  • Tagbilaran Airport to Dao terminal cost only Php 30.00 per Tricycle.
  • Dao terminal to Batuan bus terminal cost only Php 60.00 Bus Fare
  • Batuan Bus terminal to ShipHaus cost only Php 35.00 per Tricycle

This is the owner picture he displays inside the ship. Every local and international tourist can take pictures of the owner’s picture.

ShipHaus Inside Tour
Inside The ShipHaus

The entrance to the house. Side by side you can see the old ships made of wood.
At back the Big trap wrote the sign of ShipHaus where you can take picture and evidence that you have visited this place.

ShipHuas Mini Hotel
ShipHuas Mini Hotel

This is a mini Hotel you can see inside the ShipHaus. The ambiance and the decorations look you’re in the shipping vessel. You can stay here overnight it costs Php 1,500.00 per night consumable. I really enjoyed the room feels sailing in the middle of nowhere land.

ShipHaus Minibar
A Rockstar Mini Bar Inside The ShipHaus

The mini bar corner inside the ship. You can buy and drink here they have a menu for every liquor prices. The lobby area inside the ship. The ship is like a house with complete decorations. Very nice the atmosphere here the things you see made with quality.

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Taking a picture and leaving footprints in here is the best thing I can bring. The experience and memories are all worth it. Please do come and visit the place. One of the newest tourist attraction here in Batuan Bohol.

If you have no time to visit, I have added a street view of ShipHaus. I hope you enjoy this 360-degree view.

Have you been to ShipHaus? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below! See you.


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