Danao Adventure Park
Danao Adventure Park is One of the Top Tourist Attractions in Bohol

A Danao Adventure Park is also known as Eco, Educational and Extreme Adventure Tour. This extreme outdoor activities and seeking for thrill adventure I will recommend here. For those who have a heart problem please don’t try.

Welcome to Danao Adventure Park

Danao is one of the Municipalities in the Province of Bohol, Philippines. This place is rich natural resources and history happened before and warm villager living here.

Danao Adventure Park Bohol
Aside from camping, you can do a lot more

How to get there

I. Book a Flight to Tagbilaran City Or Panglao Internationa AirporT
II. Go to Dao Terminal near Island City Mall (ICM)
Ride tricycle – it costs ₱30.00 per trip anywhere in Tagbilaran City
Ride a jeepney- it costs ₱8.00 – 10.00 per trip and looks for a jeepney with the signboard “Island City Mall (ICM) or Dao Terminal
Ride a Bus- it costs ₱20.00 – ₱60.00 per trip and looks for a bus with the signboard Tagbilaran City
III. When you’re in Dao terminal Board the Bus heading to Danao.
IV. When you’re in Dnao terminal take a motorcycle (Habal-habal) to the Danao Adventure Park. It costs ₱50.00 per person.

List of Major Activities you must try

The Plunge – Currently the world’s highest canyon swing. One of the most extreme adventures you must try in Dao Adventure Park. Your feeling starts with the fast heartbeat and ends pendulum swing with a backdrop of the beautiful Danao then feel free fall about 60 meters before the rope tightens and swings you back and forth to reach the end.

This is the extreme adventure sport in the Philippines. For the safety of the of this sport, the management follows the US Standard of Adventure Sports Safety.

When you ride to Pludge it costs ₱700.00 per person. You don’t pay for the ride instead you pay for the experience.

This is the unique attraction in E.A.T. In Danao. They hook you up to s sturdy rope a d then with a cry of Bombs away! Drop you down the canyon.

X-sanity – Currently the zip line is the longest in Asia. When you’re riding the here the feeling is somewhat riding in a Ferris wheel you can saw the beautiful place in Danao and the chocolate hills. The virgin forest and the fresh air you cannot feel the same when you in the city proper.

It cost ₱750.00 (includes return ride) the zip line is about 1.5 km.

Skyride – it is good for relaxing and for everyone for those who had fear of high riding Skyride is for you. About 480 km sightseeing for kissing and feel the nature using the cable car is the great experience with the whole family.

It cost ₱250.00 per person. This is cheaper than other rides.

Paramotor – This is the first time to operate in the Philippines.One of the air adventure in Danao Adventure Park. Riding here feels like sailing in the air. Great experience flying seeing the forest you’re ahead of them. Unfortunately facing your fear is not an easy task but if you successfully did you would say you achieved half of your dream.

It cost ₱2,200.00 per ride. It is quite expensive but the experience cannot be paid if you did.

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Below is a beautiful street view of Danao Extreme Adventure Park. If you haven’t been in this place, I suggest you visit someday.

There’s a lot of things must and experience in Danao Adventure Park. Not just one day but four days to experience all the rides in the park.


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