Sirao Garden, Busay Cebu, Philippines

We have heard a lot of rumors that there is a beautiful flower garden located in Busay. It’s called Sirao Mini Amsterdam in Cebu, Philippines. Sirao Flower Garden is another tourists destination. This place is perfectly beautiful for flower lover people who want to go there and take part of its beautiful flowers.

Sirao Flower Garden Entrance
Sirao Flower Garden’s Entrance

If you want to go Sirao Garden and you are around in Cebu you can always get there by car or if you are in a tight budget you can always rent a Habal-habal near JY Square Mall in Lahug, which cost around ₱100.00 to ₱150.00 depending on your exact location and the driver’s fixed rate. I suggest to always bid for the right price because of some Habal-habal drivers but not all overpriced their fixed rates. Expected travel time is around 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic situation.

Lots of people do come here in Sirao Mini Amsterdam
Lots of people do come here in Sirao Mini Amsterdam

I was there and it was amazingly beautiful! There are a lot of people taking some photos, selfies, group selfies. If you’re hungry no worries there is a lot of Local food vendors around. This farm was listed as one of the top tourist spots in Cebu, and its perfect place for family and friends to visit this place.

Simply Beautiful Flowers in Sirao
Simply Beautiful Flowers in Sirao

Excellent display of good flowers you don’t want to miss if you’re already in the city. If you have free time you can go there and experience our very own tourist’s attraction.

Youtube Video shows how beautiful Sirao Mini Amsterdam. Come and see for yourself and Enjoy.

Important Notes

Don’t be confused there is two Sirao Mini Amsterdam, the first Sirao Flower Garden is owned by a Filipino and the last one is owned by a Chinese according to the local vendors which are originally the first Sirao was built.

Destination Tips

  • Always bring your camera with you, it’s a beautiful place to take pictures.
  • Entrance fee is ₱30.00 each person
  • Original Sirao Entrance ₱50.00 (Children below 8 years old are FREE)
  • If you are doing a prenup shoot, each person/crew will cost you ₱200.00
  • Vehicle parking fee is ₱10.00 – ₱20.00

This costs will change from time to time and if they do! Please do let us know so we could update this blog.

I hope you enjoy this Awesome 360-degree image. It shows beautiful flowers in Sirao Garden. Come and experience Sirao Flower Farm.

News Updates

Visitors in Sirao Flower Farms also known as Sirao Garden is restricted since Thursday afternoon January 19, 2017, according to the local newspaper (Sunstar Cebu). The decision was made after members of the city’s Quick Response Team “discovered tension cracks measuring about a foot with the direction downwards and an opening of about four inches wide located about 30 meters above the Sirao Mini Amsterdam,” said CCDRRMC head Nagiel Bañacia in a Facebook post.

Sirao Garden Information

Location: Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Contact Number: +63 946 183 1320

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