Tops Lookout: Stunning City View

A Scenic City Vantage

Tops Lookout Entrace
Tops Lookout - Photo by Allison Joycelee

In addition to the Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden, there’s another superb place to explore in Busay. It’s called Tops Lookout, often referred to simply as “TOPS,” and it’s a popular tourist spot in Cebu. Situated in Busay, Cebu, famously known as the Queen City of the South in the Philippines, Tops Lookout offers breathtaking views and is a must-visit tourist attraction.

Tops Bell
Before Entering Tops you will notice The Bell

This place charges an entrance fee of ₱100.00 for all visitors, which you must pay before entering Tops. Regardless of whether you’re a local or a foreigner, a child or an adult, the rate is the same. Some visitors may find it disappointing that there are no discounted rates or free entry for children. It’s also important to mention that a few stalls on-site sell relatively pricey food and drinks, and the area isn’t spacious. However, the breathtaking city view, whether by day or night, truly justifies a visit to witness the entire city of Cebu.

Tops Lookout Landscape
Amazing Landscape from Tops Lookout

Before reaching Tops, there are several restaurants, like Lantaw, La Tegola, and Mr. A, where you can stop and enjoy a meal if you’re hungry.

Tops Lookout Bench Cave Design
Tops Lookout has a Beautiful Bench Cave Design

Tops have a spacious parking area for cars and motorcycles. There are always available seats for everyone near the viewing area for your friends or loved ones. There are a lot of people who come here to take some pictures, relax, unwind, and escape from the city noise.

Tops Overlooking View
Excellent View from the Tops Lookout

With its excellent city view, Tops Lookout is the perfect place for relaxation, picnics, and hosting various events. It’s suitable for a wide range of activities and ideas you may have in mind.

TOPS Lookout Destination Tips

  • If you’re on a budget for food and drinks, I suggest you bring your own as the price is doubled.
  • It’s better to visit this place in the late afternoon.
  • If you opt to take a Taxi, it might cost you around ₱600.00 to ₱800.00.
  • Habal-habal rides are much more affordable to taxis, typically costing around ₱80.00 to ₱100.00 per person. You can get a ride with Habal-Habal beside JY Square Mall in Lahug.

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