Tops Lookout Entrace
Tops Lookout - Photo by Allison Joycelee

Aside from Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden, there’s also another tourists destination in Busay, you may want to visit this beautiful place. Tops Lookout is commonly known as “TOPS” is one of the tourist’s attractions in Cebu. It is located in Busay, Cebu (Queen City of the South) in the Philippines.

Tops Bell
Before Entering Tops you will notice The Bell

This place has an entrance fee of ₱100.00 for all visitors which you’re going to pay before entering Tops. Locals or foreigners, children or adult have the same rate. It’s somewhat disappointing that children don’t have a special rate or even free. Also, this place has a few stalls selling overpriced foods and drinks plus this place isn’t that big. However, it’s a Stunning City View to see the entire city of Cebu even by a day or by night.

Tops Lookout Landscape
Amazing Landscape from Tops Lookout

Before you can reach the Tops there are numbers of restaurants (Lantaw, La Tegola, and Mr. A) which you can stop by if you are hungry and have a nice meal.

Tops Lookout Bench Cave Design
Tops Lookout has a Beautiful Bench Cave Design

Tops have a spacious parking area for cars and motorcycles. There’s always available seats for everyone near the viewing area for your friends or loved ones. There’s a lot of people do come here to take some pictures, relax, unwind, escape from the city noise.

Tops Overlooking View
Excellent View from the Tops Lookout

Excellent view of the city, it’s a perfect venue for relaxation, picnic or any other events, Tops Lookout is just perfect for anything.

TOPS Lookout Destination Tips

  • If you’re on a budget for foods and drinks, I suggest you bring your own as the price is doubled.
  • It’s better to visit this place in the late afternoon.
  • If you opted to take a Taxi it might cost you around ₱600.00 to ₱800.00.
  • Habal-habal is a lot cheaper than a taxi, it will cost you ₱80.00 – ₱100.00 per person. You can get a ride with Habal-Habal beside JY Square Mall in Lahug.

If by any chance you can’t go here, no worry I will show you the google street view below of this place. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Have you been here? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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