Tekken 7: Top 10 strongest characters for beginners

These are the most powerful characters played by PROs

Tekken 7: Top 10 strongest characters for beginners
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

If you’re wondering who the best character in Tekken 7 is, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most powerful characters for beginners, as played by pros.

FullnamePro Players
Feng WeiKnee
ZafinaArslan Ash
Geese HowardKhan
King IIMajin
Shin AkumaSuper Akouma
Jin KazamaBook
Julia ChangJeonDDing
Devil JinKnee
Steve FoxGen

Here are the top 10 powerful characters in Tekken 7

10. Steve

Steve Fox is a Tekken series character who first appeared in Tekken 4 and has appeared in all subsequent games. Steve is a young British boxer who was adopted at a young age and whose origins have long been unknown.Steve Fox
Fullname: Steve Fox
Fighting Style: Boxing
Occupation: Professional Boxer
Played by: Gen

9. Devil Jin

Devil Jin is a Tekken character who first appeared in Tekken 3 but did not become fully playable until Tekken 5. Devil Jin is Jin Kazama's devil form after being consumed by the effects of the Devil Gene.Devil Jin
Fullname: Devil Jin
Fighting Style: Advanced Mishima Style Fighting Karate combined with Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts
Played by: Knee

8. Julia

Julia Chang is a Tekken series video game character. Julia is the adopted daughter of Michelle Chang, who taught her how to fight, which is why they share the same fighting style. Julia first appeared in Tekken-3 as well as appearing as her alter-ego, a Luchadora named Jaycee, in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.Julia Chang
Fullname: Julia Chang
Also Known as: Wandering Fighter (TK3)
Fighting Style: Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan
Played by: JeonDDing

7. Jin

Jin Kazama is the main character in the Tekken series. Jin has been the main protagonist for the majority of the subsequent entries since his debut in Tekken 3, and his main motivation has been to try to end the Mishima Bloodline in order to save the world from their evil.Jin Kazama
Fullname: Jin Kazama
Fighting Style: Advanced Mishima Style
Played by: Book

6. Akuma

Akuma was first revealed as one of the new characters for Fated Retribution at the Tekken World Tour 2015 Grand Finals. Akuma is a crossover character from the Street Fighter series who joined the Tekken cast. He is well-known for his overwhelming power with the Satsui no Hadō.Shin Akuma
Also Known as: Shin Akuma
Fighting Style: Ansatsuken (Assassination Fist)
Played by: Super Akouma

5. King

King is a title held by two characters in the Tekken series. Despite the fact that the name has been used by two characters, each is simply referred to as King in their respective games, though a numerical value is sometimes assigned to distinguish them as distinct characters.King
Fullname: King II
Fighting Style: Lucha Libre
Played by: Majin

4. Jack-7

Jack-7 is the name of a series of robots that are upgraded in each main installment in the Tekken series of fighting games. With the exception of Tekken 4, each of the main Tekken games has had a playable Jack model.Jack-7
Also known as: Super Killing Machine
Fighting Style: Brute Force
Played by: Anakin

3. Geese

Geese Howard is a playable guest character in the Tekken fighting game series. Geese is a character from SNK's Fatal Fury series, where he serves as the series' main antagonist.Geese Howard
Realname: Geese Howard
Born: April 22, 1970
Played by: Khan

2. Zafina

Zafina is a playable character in the Tekken series. She first appeared in Tekken 6 and then again in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She returns as a DLC character in Tekken-7 as part of the third season pass.Zafina
Fighting Style: Ancient Assassination Arts
Played by: Arslan Ash

1. Feng

Feng Wei is a fictional Chinese character from the Tekken fighting game series. Feng was introduced in Tekken-5 as one of the three new characters and has returned for all subsequent games.Feng Wei
Full Name: Feng Wei
Fighting Style: "God Fist" Style Chinese Kenpo
Played by: Knee

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