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Unleash the power of battlefield: Exploring the global phenomenon of Mobile Legends with its diverse and dedicated player base.

Mobile Legends is a widely played multiplayer online battle arena game that has captivated millions of players and teams across the globe. However, some countries have distinguished themselves from the rest in terms of dominance in the game. Analyzing the factors behind their success can offer valuable insights into what makes them stand out in Mobile Legends.

Indonesia and the Philippines are the top two countries with the most active Mobile Legends players, with millions of players in each country. Malaysia and Brazil are also among the top countries that dominate mobile legends.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Mobile Legends Player Base


1. Indonesia

Indonesia boasts the world's enormous player base for Mobile Legends, with over 44 million active players. The game has achieved immense popularity in the country, becoming a cultural phenomenon that inspires players to stream and create content. Indonesia has also seen remarkable success in the professional scene, with its teams clinching victory in international tournaments around the globe.


2. Philippines

The Philippines has made a significant mark in the dominion of Mobile Legends, boasting a player base exceeding 23 million. The country is celebrated for its skilled and dedicated players and teams, thriving within a gaming culture that values strategic thinking and continuous improvement. The Philippines has become a prominent force in the Mobile Legends community, leaving a lasting impression with its competitive spirit and unwavering passion for the game. The Philippines is host to its national league that focuses on Mobile Legends providing further opportunities for the country's top players to compete on a national stage.

Brazil FLAG

3. Brazil

The Mobile Legends gaming community in Brazil has emerged as a formidable presence on the global stage, fueled by talented players and teams who consistently participate in international tournaments. The country's commitment to the game is evident through its dedicated national league, showcasing Brazil's passion and support for the growth of esports. As the popularity of Mobile Legends continues to soar in Brazil, an ever-growing number of enthusiasts are embracing the thrilling gameplay and competitive atmosphere that the game provides.

Malaysia FLAG

4. Malaysia

The Mobile Legends community in Malaysia has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts worldwide, with a growing number of players embracing the game's excitement and thrill. Malaysia has witnessed a surge in the popularity of Mobile Legends, with many dedicated players actively streaming their gameplay and creating engaging content for their audience to enjoy. The country has also seen the emergence of successful professional teams and players who have achieved significant success on the international stage showcasing Malaysia's proficiency in the game.

Thailand FLAG

5. Thailand

Thailand has prominent players in the Mobile Legends gaming world, fueled by a staggering player base of over 14 million active users. The game has gained a significant following in the country, with numerous talented Thai players and teams participating in global tournaments. Thailand boasts its national league dedicated to the game, underscoring the commitment to fostering growth in the sport.

Vietnam FLAG

6. Vietnam

Vietnam has witnessed a surge in the popularity of the Mobile Legends game, with a booming community of Vietnamese players and teams participating in international tournaments. Vietnam's dedication to propelling the esports industry forward is evident through its successful organization of multiple major Mobile Legends events. Vietnam's exceptional skills and passion for achieving esports excellence have moved the country to become a formidable ally in the global Mobile Legends community. With an unwavering commitment to esports domination, Vietnam has solidified its position as a force to calculate within the Mobile Legends scene. The country's remarkable achievements and relentless pursuit of excellence continue to garner recognition and admiration from gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

India FLAG

7. India

India's Mobile Legends community boasts an impressive player base of over 12 million dedicated gamers who have established their unwavering passion and exceptional skills in the game. India has fostered an environment that nurtures and encourages players to showcase their skills and expertise through streaming and content creation centered around Mobile Legends. The country has also witnessed the emergence of numerous highly successful professional teams and players, further solidifying India's strong presence and impact in the international esports landscape. The dedication and talent displayed by Indian players continue to contribute to the growth and recognition of Mobile Legends in the country and beyond.

Russia FLAG

8. Russia

Witness the glorious rise of Mobile Legends in the land of Russia! A mighty player base has emerged swelling, with fervent enthusiasts who have propelled the game to new heights. With their unparalleled skills and determination, Russian players and teams have made a resounding impact in the international gaming arena, seizing victory after victory and leaving their competitors in awe.

Turkey FLAG

9. Turkey

Turkey reigns supreme with a staggering Mobile Legends player base exceeding 9 million players! Such is the magnitude of its popularity that numerous players actively stream and create content on this beloved game. Turkey has also proven its mettle by hosting several major esports events dedicated to Mobile Legends. Indeed, Turkey has established itself as a formidable force in the global gaming arena, leaving a lasting impact on the esports industry.

Mexico FLAG

10. Mexico

The popularity of Mobile Legends is on the rise in Mexico, as evidenced by the growing number of players and teams participating in international tournaments from the country.

Why are Mobile Legends so Popular, Especially in Asia?

Mobile Legends is in demand in Asia due to several factors, such as its accessibility, social nature, and competitive gameplay. The game can be easily downloaded on mobile devices allowing players to access it anywhere and anytime. Mobile Legends is a team-based game that encourages players to play with friends and form social connections within the game.

The competitive nature of Mobile Legends, which emphasizes strategic gameplay and teamwork, aligns perfectly with a highly competitive gaming culture in Asia. Players are tense to the game’s dynamic challenges and the opportunity to showcase their skills and coordination in intense battles. The game has become a platform for players to test their mettle, engage in thrilling competitions, and strive for victory against formidable opponents.

Final Words

Mobile Legends has taken the world by storm, with numerous professional esports teams and players competing in lucrative international tournaments. The game boasts a massive and diverse player base comprising players from across the globe.

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