10 Greatest Filipino Songs That Sound Like Foreign
In case you didn't know, these songs were proudly created by Filipino musicians.

To be honest, when I first heard these songs, I thought they were foreign songs until I learned that they were performed by Filipino musicians. Because of this, here are the top 10 Filipino songs that sound foreign.

Here are the 10 Greatest Filipino songs that sound like Foreign

  1. Next in line – Afterimage

    Although AfterImage was formed in 1987, it took nearly five years for the band to release an album. The album was certified as a gold and platinum record after the success of “Next In Line.”

    Artist: AfterImage
    Released: 1995
    Album: Touch the Sun

  2. Balisong – Rivermaya

    The song is Balisong or knife in English as in Balisong knife of Batangas. Rico wrote it on the way back to Manila from a show in Batangas with Rivermaya. The song was inspired by the well-known Batangas knife.

    Released: 2003
    Artist: Rivermaya
    Album: Between the Stars and Waves

  3. Rainbow – South Border

    The Rainbow is a song written in memory of a dearly departed loved one. After losing a loved one, the person experiences emotional pain and suffering. Her lover sees this in heaven and sings a song to her, telling her not to give up; urging her to see the beauty of life again, and encouraging her to move on and be happy.

    Released: 2004
    Album: Episode III
    Artist: South Border
    Nominations: Awit Award for Song of the Year

  4. You’ve Made Me Stronger – Regine Velasquez

    In 1995, the song You’ve made me stronger became popular. Velasquez was chosen to represent the Philippines in the Asia-Pacific Singing Contest in Hong Kong in 1989.

    Released: 1995
    Artist: Regine Velasquez
    Album: My Love Emotion
    Genre: Pop
    Written: Trina Belamide and Alvin Nunez

  5. Mr. Clay – Bamboo

    Mr. Clay is a song about God, Politics, and living a life that will stand the test of time. Bamboo is an alternative rock band from the Philippines founded in 2003 by lead vocalist Bamboo Maalac.

    Released: 2004
    Album: As the Music Plays the Band
    Artist: Bamboo
    Genres: Pop, Rock

  6. Leaving Yesterday Behind – Keno

    Leaving Yesterday Behind was a popular song in the 1980s. A well-known Filipino singer performs the song. Keno was the most attractive singer in the late 1980s.

    Artist: Keno
    Album: The Best of Keno

  7. One of the best acoustic song performers and writers of all time in the late 1980s. Tito Mina left the Philippines to settle with his European wife. He wrote “Both in love” as a testament to his devotion to his beloved wife.

    Released: 1994
    Album: Tito Mina Live
    Artist: Tito Mina
    Genres: Pinoy pop, Pop

  8. Pain in My Heart – Second Wind

    One of my favorites from the late 1990s, recorded by Second Wind with Rodel Gonzales. This original version was followed by several other well-known artists in the Philippines.

  9. But if You Leave Me – Junior

    Júnior was born in Manila, Philippines, the oldest of 5 sons, during World War II, when the Philippines was occupied by Japan. Júnior was 15 years old when his family emigrated to Barcelona, then settled in Madrid.

  10. Parting Time – Rockstar

    Almost every Filipino who hasn’t heard of the rock band is unaware that this song was written by a Filipino. Despite the fact that their hit video is lip-synced. The instruments are unplugged. Parting Time was a huge hit in 1993. This song is one of the greatest of the 1990s.

    Artist: ROCKSTAR
    Released: 1993
    Album: Mahal Pa Rin Kita

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