Walkway and Kota Park in Madridejos
Fascinating Walkway and Kota Park in Madridejos
Map of Cebu Focusing Madridejos
Map of Cebu Focusing Madridejos

Madridejos is one of the municipalities on Bantayan Island. Lawis was the old name of Madridejos. Indeed, even today individuals still use the name “Lawis”, which signifies “promontory”, the bit cut out to constitute the district of Madridejos being the landmass situated on the northern side of Bantayan Island confronting the Visayan Sea.

This district is a 4th municipal income class municipality on Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 36,429. In the 2016 electoral roll, it had 23,134 registered voters. It is one of the three municipalities that make up the island of Bantayan, which lies to the west of the northern tip of Cebu. It is bounded to the south by the municipality of Bantayan, and on all other sides by the Visayan Sea.


  • Tabagak
  • Bunakan
  • Pili
  • Kaongkod
  • San Agustin
  • Maalat
  • Tugas
  • Poblacion
  • Kangwayan
  • Malbago
  • Talangan
  • Tarong

Second World War

This district was occupied by Japanese Imperial forces in 1942. In 1945 the freedom by the Philippine Commonwealth troops of the third, eighth, 81st, 82nd, and 83rd Infantry Divisions of the Philippine Commonwealth Army which arrived in Madridejos at the front of fights against Japanese strengths in the Battle of Bantayan.

Madridejos Comprises 14 Barangays

  1. Bunakan
  2. Kangwayan
  3. Kaongkod
  4. Kodia
  5. Maalat
  6. Malbago
  7. Mancilang
  8. Pili
  9. Poblacion
  10. San Agustin
  11. Tabagak
  12. Talangnan
  13. Tarong
  14. Tugas

Youngest Mayor in Cebu

This town has the most youthful chairman in Cebu. A 24-Year-old Barangay Council (ABC) president in Madridejos is the youngest mayor elected in Cebu Province in the May 2016 elections. Mayor-elect Jay River Dela Fuente is the child of active Madridejos Mayor Salvador Dela Fuente, who was chosen as vice mayor of the town.

Basic Transportation

This municipality can become to buy watercraft from Cebu City via Santa Fe with 75-minute ship administration to San Remigio (Hagnaya) by means of Island Shipping or SuperShuttle Ferry. Transport (jeepney) going to Madridejos by means of the district of Bantayan takes around 60 minutes.

There are at present NO overnight vessels from Cebu City to Bantayan Island, nor are there any planned business air flights. Private air organizations occasionally fly smaller Cessna and Piper airplanes into Bantayan Airport.

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