Rude Grab Driver in Cebu
Rico Aparri Lampago's Disrespectful Behavior as a Grab Driver is a Violation

In an age where convenience is at our fingertips, ride-share services have become a staple in our daily lives. However, not all experiences are smooth and hassle-free. My family faced an unfortunate reality on the night of July 4 when we had a troubling encounter with a Grab driver named Rico Aparri Lampago.

The Incident Unfolds

Around 9-10 PM on July 4, heavy rain made it necessary for us to get home. My sister booked a Grab ride to transport our parents, herself, and a small child for safety. The driver, Rico Aparri Lampago, arrived in a white Toyota Avanza with plate number GBA8965. At first, everything seemed normal. However, the situation escalated when the driver insisted on canceling the booking. When she refused and suggested he cancel instead, the driver became furious and started behaving unprofessionally and rudely.

Forced Out into the Rain

Despite our confusion and attempts to understand his demand, Rico was insistent. He refused to continue the ride unless my sister canceled the booking. As the rain poured outside, my family pleaded with him to allow them to reach their destination, but Rico’s attitude grew increasingly hostile. He then forced my family out of the car, leaving them standing in the rain with a small child.

Disrespect and Intimidation

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, Rico started taking pictures of my parents, sister, and child, an act that felt invasive and threatening. His behavior was not just rude but blatantly disrespectful. When my family resisted stepping out of the car into the rain, he threatened to call the police, using intimidation tactics to get his way.

A Dangerous Departure

Rico suddenly drove off while my family was still trying to exit the vehicle properly, creating a moment that could have resulted in severe injury. My parents and sister almost fell, narrowly avoiding what could have been a dangerous accident. The fear and distress they experienced cannot be understated.

The Need for Accountability

This incident raises several important questions about the safety and accountability of ride-share drivers. How can passengers feel secure if drivers can act in such a manner with seemingly no immediate consequences? Ride-share companies must ensure that their drivers adhere to strict codes of conduct, and incidents like this should prompt immediate investigation and appropriate disciplinary action.

Ensuring Passenger Safety

Safety should be the top priority for any ride-share service. Passengers trust these services to provide convenience and a safe journey from point A to point B. Incidents like this break the trust passengers have in these services. Ride-share companies must implement better vetting processes for drivers, regular training on customer service and safety, and clear channels for reporting and resolving such incidents swiftly.

Grab Doing The Right Thing

Cebu Grab Car Driver Banned from Grab


Our family’s nightmare experience with Grab driver Rico Aparri Lampago shows us that we still have much work to do to ensure passenger safety in the Grab Car industry. We hope that by sharing our story, we can encourage Grab companies to take more robust measures to protect their passengers. It is not just about one bad experience; it’s about fostering a safer, more reliable environment for everyone who uses these services.

Grab and LTO must not tolerate rude behavior from drivers and should enforce strict measures for passenger safety.

Our ordeal is a call to action. Let’s demand better safety standards, hold ride-share companies accountable, and ensure that no one else has to endure what my family went through. After all, everyone deserves a safe and respectful ride home.

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