The Controversy Over Increased Parking Fees in Cebu City
Unjustified Expense: The High Cost of Parking Fees in Cebu City

The current situation with the high parking fees in Cebu City has put a strain on the local community and has sparked discussions about finding fair and reasonable prices. While local government has a duty to generate revenue to fund public services to think it is also important to consider the impact that these fees can have on citizens. A fair and reasonable price should be imposed that would balance the need for revenue with the ability of the community to pay for these services without undue hardship.

Possible Best Practical Solution

One solution to this issue could be for the local government to implement a tiered pricing system based on income allowing those with lower incomes to pay lower fees. Additionally, alternative sources of revenue such as taxes on businesses or tourism could be explored as a way to reduce the reliance on parking fees.


Finding a fair and reasonable price for parking fees in Cebu City requires balancing the needs of the government with the well-being of the community. Alternative solutions and creative thinking can help to find a solution that works for everyone and ensures a sustainable future for Cebu City.

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