Shadow Fight 4: Arena
Shadow Fight Arena is a free-to-play real-time PvP fighting game where legendary heroes battle to win in the Shadow Arena Tournament.

Form your dream team of three fighters within Shadow Fight 4: Arena and conquer your adversary’s squad. Each hero possesses remarkable upgradeable abilities that encourage interactions and facilitate advancement. Choose the perfect fighter to strategically thwart the enemy’s tactics and ensure a triumphant outcome in battle!

  • Online PvP battles
  • Legendary Shadow Fight heroes in your team: Marcus, Kibo, and others
  • New heroes to unlock
  • Great choice of abilities and talents
  • Cool fighting combos
  • Competition for rating and higher arenas
  • Classic controls of console fighting games
  • Experience breathtaking combat animations and console-quality graphics directly on your mobile device.

Here are the Top 10 Strongest Shadow Fight Arena Heroes

  1. Helga


    Helga belongs to the royal family but has no right to inherit the throne. Like all Abdicators, she was raised in the Tower, entirely cut off from the external world. Within those walls, she struggled to master the enigmatic energy of the Light. However, it was only upon Helga’s escape from the Tower that the powers of Light ultimately yielded to her command.

    The Shield of Light will illuminate upon receiving lethal damage. Anticipate your opponent’s probable attempt to flee. Helga’s genuine might resides in this capability. Merge her assaults with the Shining Wings’ power to obstruct your adversary’s escape!

  2. Kate


    Kate is a liquidator. These distinctive Legion soldiers possess a rare genetic aptitude: the capacity to dissipate their adversaries’ shadow energy. Among the elite liquidators, Kate emerges as an exceptionally formidable menace to all practitioners of shadow energy. Her prowess lies in her ability to siphon off an opponent’s shadow energy and wield it against them.

    When facing a shadow energy master, don’t hesitate to adopt an aggressive playstyle! Seize their shadow energy to strip them of their combat advantage. Utilize your shadow abilities to enhance your chances of triumph!

  3. Kibo


    Her eye, radiant with shadow energy, became an everlasting symbol of her clash with the Shadow Mind. During that instance, Kibo suffered defeat and vowed never to taste defeat again. In battle, Kibo employs a distinctive technique known as Shadow Onslaught. By harnessing shadow energy, her dashes deliver amplified damage!

    Accuracy above all! Precision is crucial: Kibo forfeits shadow energy when her strikes miss. Every time assess the distance to your opponent before launching each attack. But even if you missed it, don’t be discouraged – Kibo accumulates shadow energy instantly!

  4. Ling


    When the Shadow Mind revealed himself, everybody panicked. But not Ling. This old Shadowsmith knew long ago that shadow energy was sentient. Armed with his trusty katana and mysterious flask, Master Ling enters the tournament!

    Ling doesn’t like to rush. Patiently avoid and block your opponent’s attacks. However, when they expose themselves to an attack, seize the opportunity to unleash the full force of your katana!

  5. Shang the Monk

    Shang The Monk

    Despite his outward calm, Shang the Monk is an intimidating warrior who reveres the Shadow Mind. Whenever Shang lands a hit or takes a blow, he absorbs copious amounts of energy for his shadow abilities. Driven by an unwavering pursuit of absolute power, Shang is relentless and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal!

    Unleash the genuine potential of this hero within his shadow form. Skillful combinations of Shang’s shadow abilities will empower you to swiftly and effectively overpower your opponent!

  6. Azuma

    Azuma Feldsher

    Having committed an error once, he is determined not to repeat it. Feldsher Azuma excels in handling shadow-related catastrophes. He possesses adept knowledge of restraining those influenced by shadow energy and will readily employ his expertise in the upcoming tournament without hesitation.

    Your attacks neutralize shadow energy! This skill offers excellent control over adversaries dependent on their shadow energy. Furthermore, if your opponent transitions into shadow form, you can disrupt it by executing a well-timed attack!

  7. Yukka and Shade


    In these challenging times, humanity craves resolute leaders more than ever. Yukka, a visionary revolutionary, envisions a fresh world devoid of factions, rulers, or social divisions. She’s determined to utilize the power granted to the tournament victor to manifest her utopian vision, regardless of the sacrifices involved.

    Hold the authority to direct Shade’s attacks upon your opponent whenever needed. Employ this tactic frequently! Moreover, capitalize on your adversary’s errors by unleashing the full might of the Guillotine upon them: the extent of damage inflicted by this ability escalates with the number of Wounds your opponent sustains!

  8. Marcus


    Marcus, the eminent hero of yesteryears, stood as the sole individual who declined participation in the tournament. However, the Shadow Mind consistently attains its desire to control to coerce Marcus into compliance. Though the hero was renowned for his unwavering determination, one wonders if he remains the same Marcus we are familiar with.

    Marcus wields a colossal sword that inflicts substantial damage, yet its weight poses a challenge. Activating through the Glitch ability will significantly impede your opponent’s evasion. Marcus’ strikes become rapid and unforeseeable during this state. Master their usage and transform into an unstoppable force!

  9. Fireguard


    Created within a concealed research facility now reduced to cinders, Fireguard, the shadow bot, boasts an extraordinary talent for ceaselessly generating shadow energy and molding it into all-consuming flames. The true purpose behind Fireguard’s origin shrouds itself in mystery, while those who dare to impede its trajectory meet their inescapable demise.

    Don’t hesitate to utilize your shadow energy; Fireguard replenishes it automatically. His various shadow techniques are practical in many situations. And if you are in danger of being defeated, stay close to your opponent; after taking fatal damage, Fireguard activates the self-destruct protocol!

  10. Emperor


    The legend of the Emperor serves as a cautionary tale for disobedient children. In times past, he reigned as a benevolent leader. However, an abrupt shift occurred, leading him to unleash devastation upon the Dynastian capital with his own hands. Yet, this narrative only discloses part of the reality. The Emperor’s physical form is now under the dominion of a Shadow Beast, an entity voraciously consuming shadow energy. It bides its time, yearning for the instantaneous to break its shackles; may divine forces aid any unfortunate soul who crosses paths with him during this ominous awakening.

    Accumulate shadow energy as quickly as possible. Upon the Emperor’s transformation into a Shadow Beast, your damage will experience a substantial surge. In this state, adopting an aggressive approach is your optimal strategy. The might of the Shadow Beast is an overwhelming force few can withstand!

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