Shadow Fight 3
Unlike its predecessors, Shadow Fight 3 does not utilize flat 2D black shadows to represent fighters. Instead, they are now rendered as life-like three-dimensional

The Shadow Fight 3 is a 2D fighting game where you have to create your own warrior, equip him with tons of armor and weapons, and try to defeat all the enemies you encounter. You can move your character with the virtual D-pad on the left, and you can attack with the kick and punch buttons.

Shadow Fight 3 is an immersive fighting action-RPG mobile 3d game developed by Banzai. Games, published by Nekki.

Here are the Top 10 Shadow Fight 3 Character Sets

  1. Scourge Liquidator

    Scourge Liquidator

    The Liquidators mainly stake on their supernatural strength. Their endurance is unlimited, and where even a well-trained Legionary falls exhausted in a fight against a Shadow-wielding enemy, a Liquidator only begins to enjoy it!

    Scourge Liquidator Set is a set of equipment from Chapter I, which consists of:

    Weapon: Ripping Kit (Pierce)
    Armor: Liquidator’s Hardshell (Thud)
    Helm: Liquidator’s Headpiece (Uppercut)
    Ranged Weapons: Slicing Crossbow (Ballistae)

  2. Torturous Nightmare

    Torturous Nightmare

    Torturous Nightmare Set is a set of equipment from Chapter VII which consists of:

    Weapon: Fireflies (Circulator)
    Armor: Utopian Glow (Peg-Top)
    Helm: Airwalker (Burst)
    Ranged Weapons: Sun Synthesis (Hailstorm)

  3. Divine Judge

    Divine Judge

    Divine Judge is a set of equipment that can be fully collected once the player reaches Chapter III, which consists of:

    Weapon: Fate’s End (Windmill)
    Armor: Final Judgement (Blast)
    Helm: Crescent Visor (Eruption)
    Ranged Weapons: Dragonfly’s Bite (Porcupine)

  4. Star Chaser

    Star Chaser

    Star Chaser Set is a set of equipment that can be fully collected once the player reaches Chapter VI, which consists of:

    Weapon: Dragon’s Roar (Loop)
    Armor: Northern Lights (Peg-Top)
    Helm: Triumphant (Burst)
    Ranged Weapons: Dragon Chakram (Roll)

  5. Abdicator


    Abdicator Set is a set of equipment from Chapter V, which consists of:

    Weapon: Arbitrator (Vane)
    Armor: Divine Retribution (Thud)
    Helm: Higher Calling (Pivot)
    Ranged Weapons: Mercy (Removal)

  6. Spring Champion

    Spring Champion

    Spring Champion Set consists of four items of Unique rarity. Equipping the full set allows the player to utilize the Spring Champion set bonus.

    Weapon: Iron Foliage (Harpoon)
    Armor: Sakura Phantom (Blast)
    Helm: Blossom Mask (Eruption)
    Ranged Weapons: Petal Thrower (Bolt)

  7. Shadow Artisan

    Shadow Artisan

    Mark your opponent with a critical hit. After a few seconds, the shadow bot attacks the marked opponent if he doesn’t dodge.

    Weapon: Blood Reaper
    Armor: Obscure Jacket
    Helm: Stealth Visor
    Range Weapons: Supernova

  8. Arrow


    You gain a shadow energy bonus for steps, rolls, jumps, and swaps.

    Weapon: Eagle’s Dive
    Armor: Three Arrows’ Glory
    Helm: Golden Fang Crown
    Ranged Weapons: Four leaves

  9. Living Legend

    Living Legend

    Living Legend Set is a set of equipment from Chapter IV, which consists of:

    Weapon: Ancestors’ Wrath (Tumble)
    Armor: Valor’s Might (Thud)
    Helm: Valor’s Headpiece (Pivot)
    Ranged Weapons: Obsidian Strike (Collector)

  10. Condensing Eraser

    Condensing Eraser

    Condensing Eraser Set is a set of equipment from Chapter VII which consists of:

    Weapon: Final Countdown (Meteorite)
    Armor: Shine (Thud)
    Helm: Aura (Pivot)
    Ranged Weapons: Citadel (Removal)

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  1. Living legend is on a level of its own , swear to god if one who knows how to play with it , he/she oughta be unbeatable , just like me , also hi , im JOLLY , find me in the legen leaderboards jà 😉 💀

  2. I use the champion of the pit set those knuckles are something wicked I am CHUCK NORRIS see me on the leaderboard and I’m looking forward to fighting you

  3. Another one of my favorite sets is the sarge warmonger set those hammers will send anyone to the promise Land lol

  4. Gloomy Spectre and Champion of The Pit are undoubtedly the best sets in Shadow Fight 3!


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