Metal Revolution
Metal Revolution is a 2-D close-combat fighting action game that boasts a cyberpunk theme and minimalistic controls.

The Metal Revolution is the groundbreaking new fighting game that brings the soul of the classics into a new era. Embrace the new generation of the fighting genre with intuitive controls, deep gameplay mechanics, and console-quality graphics at 60fps. Pick your favorite cybernetic fighters, from a Muay Thai boxer to a katana-swinging crimelord boss, and prove your skills in global ranked matches. Or jump into classic arcade mode to learn more about the game’s Cyberpunk universe with each fighter’s story arc. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a fighting game purist, it’s time to grab your quarters and get ready for a new challenger!

Here are the top 10 best metal revolution characters

  1. Miyamoto Ren

    Miyamoto Ren

    Miyamoto Ren was an orphan that grew up around organized crime syndicates. He was ruthless and did whatever it took to climb his way up, but Ren became too ambitious for his own good. During one mission, he was shot in the back by his own oyabun. Fortunately, Ren had already prepared a contingency plan and made his grand comeback in Mecha form to seek vengeance against those who betrayed him.

  2. Jamal Ritter

    Jamal Ritter

    Jamal Ritter has a full metallic body with joints to connect every part of the body and has the full appearance of an average boxer. In his default skin, his upper body is golden, as well as his spiked head, while his gloves are red, and the forearms have a resemblance of fire motives; the lower body, resembling pants down to his legs, is black with fire motives. He also wears an average boxing champion belt on his waist.

  3. Mikhail


    Mikhail once served as a double agent for a now-defunct government. When his country collapsed, he separated himself from his wife and daughter in the ensuing chaos. Mikhail joined Black Gold, a transcontinental intelligence agency, to access information that might lead to his family’s whereabouts. The latest intel pointed at an underground fighting tournament.

  4. Ted Graham

    Ted Graham

    Ted Graham was a star player in the Mecha Football League and known for his crazy touchdown celebrations. After his team suffered a catastrophic losing streak, he was accused of throwing games and banned from the league. Determined to get back into the spotlight, Graham began signing up for underground Mecha tournaments.

  5. Kong


    Kong grew up as a lab monkey in an M-Metal research facility. He displayed high cognitive skills and was selected for the M-Metal AI project. He was given the Sun Wukong AI program, modeled after the legendary Monkey King. Kong’s consciousness was implanted in a Mecha to participate in the Metal Revolution tournament. Will Kong turn the heavens upside down like his namesake?

  6. Chromeleon


    Chromeleon was a product of illegal experiments gone horribly wrong. A group of rogue scientists attempted to create the perfect killing machine, but Chromeleon gained sentience and escaped from the research base after slaughtering his creators. Chromeleon is highly dangerous and contact should be avoided at any cost.

  7. Trishula


    Trishula was the youngest Muay Thai champion and a world-class fighter. But during a championship match, an explosion destroyed the stadium and Trishula’s body was never found. Years later, he woke up in an abandoned facility with a cybernetic body. Trishula meditated to clear his mind and concluded that all this must be the will of Buddha. He joined the Metal Revolution tournament to discover his new purpose.

  8. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee

    “You only live once” is Mike Lee’s motto. As a street dancer and martial arts enthusiast who is always ahead of the trends, he jumped at the chance to join the Metal Revolution tournament. To him, there’s nothing more exciting than showcasing his Jeet Kune Do and dance moves on the world stage. He is a crowd pleaser and fan favorite in the tournament.

  9. Kim Woo Ryong

    Kim Woo Ryong

    A renowned Taekwondo instructor, Kim Woo Ryong stepped onto the unfamiliar arena of Mecha fighting to attract more students to his dojang. He has continued to hone his skills in this new environment to get closer and closer to becoming a Taekwondo grandmaster.

    This Robot fighter has the moves and Kim Woo Ryong first appeared in the Metal Revolution original Beta he was

    One of the characters to appear at the beginning start of this game’s first launch for the original Beta test

  10. Xophi-IX


    The latest IX model Mecha from Interpol is the pinnacle of AI security and law enforcement. Equipped with experimental technology, Xophi-IX can adjust its appearance and weapon systems on the fly to suit any situation. Xophi-IX has arrived at the upcoming Metal Revolution tournament, but what is her mission?

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