Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers in Japan
Discover the biggest influencers in Japan's digital landscape!

While Japanese people are known for their traditional values, Japanese YouTubers have embraced modernity, as the country’s top 10 most popular content creators span a diverse range of genres from gaming to vlogs, comedy sketches, and beyond, making them powerful influencers within Japan’s digital realm. Without further ado, here is Japan’s most subscribed and viewed YouTubers.

1HikakinTV@HikakinTVJul 19, 2011
2Bayashi TV@BayashiTV_Jan 26, 2021
3Fischer’s-フィッシャーズ-@Fischers_Aug 24, 2012
4Kimagure Cook (きまぐれクック) @kimagurecookAug 14, 2008
5SeikinTV@SeikinTVJan 30, 2012
6Comdot (コムドット)@comdotOct 3, 2018
7Jyanino (ジャにのちゃんねる)@jyaninoApr 8, 2021
8Yuuka Sagawa (ゆうか)@yuukasagawa5483Jun 28, 2016
9Mochimaru@motimaruNov 30, 2019
10Kimono Mom@KimonoMomFeb 22, 2020

Top 10 Most Subscribe Japanese YouTubers in 2024

10. Kimono Mom


Kimono Mom, whose real name is Atsuko Sudo, is a popular Japanese YouTuber and cultural ambassador who creates content related to Japanese traditional clothing and culture. On her channel, she shares her love for kimonos and showcases how to wear, style, and accessorize different types of kimonos. Kimono Mom's videos also feature information about Japanese history, customs, and festivals. Her channel has gained a large following both in Japan and internationally, and she is known for promoting awareness and appreciation of traditional Japanese culture.

Real name: Atsuko Sudo
Birthday: January 25, 1991
Age: 33 years old
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Kimono Mom

9. Mochimaru


Maru is often called "the most famous cat on the internet". However, it appears that Maru's reign as the king of YouTube cat videos has ended, as he yields the throne to fellow feline influencer Mochimaru from Motimaru's Diary, who now holds the title of "most viewed cat on YouTube" with an impressive 1 billion total views and still counting. Mochimaru has even been recognized by Guinness World Records for this achievement.

Name: Mochimaru
Date of Birth: October 24, 2019
Age: 4 years old
Nickname: Mr. Mochi
Cat breed: Scottish Fold
Personality: Timid, Affectionat
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


8. Yuuka Sagawa (ゆうか)


Yuuka Sagawa is a well-known Japanese YouTuber, best known for her fitness and exercise content. She shares tips and tricks on how to lose back fat, improve posture, and create a more beautiful back. With her engaging personality and informative content, Yuuka has gained a large following both in Japan and around the world.

Real name: Yuka Sagawa
Born: August 8, 1993
Age: 30 years old
Profession: YouTuber
Genre: Fitness, Entertainment, Smartphone
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Yuuka Sagawa

7. Jyanino (ジャにのちゃんねる)


Jyanino (ジャにのちゃんねる) is a YouTube channel run by the Japanese idol group, Johnny's Jr., offering viewers an array of entertaining content including challenges, games, and exclusive glimpses into the group's performances and backstage moments.

Channel name: Janino Channel
Location: Japan
Members: Kazunari Ninomiya, Yuichi Nakamaru, Ryosuke Yamada, and Fuma Kikuchi

Jyanino (ジャにのちゃんねる)

6. Comdot (コムドット)


Comdot is a group of five Japanese YouTubers comprising Yamato, Yuta, Urata, Hyuga, and Amugiri, who have created both the main channel "Comdot" and a subchannel "Offdot." Operating independently, the team established a company with Yamato as the representative director.

Members: Yamato, Yuta, Urata, Hyuga, Amugiri
Profession: YouTuber
Location: Japan

Comdot (コムドット)

5. SeikinTV


SeikinTV, a popular Japanese YouTuber and social media influencer is renowned for producing amusing and engaging content on his channel. With a significant fan base in Japan, he has been recognized with multiple accolades for his contributions to the online media industry, showcasing his prowess in creating humorous and entertaining videos that resonate with audiences.

Real name: Seiya Kaihatsu
Birthday: July 30, 1987
Age: 36 years old
Profession: YouTuber, Singer-songwriter
Zodiac Sign: Leo


4. Kimagure Cook (きまぐれクック)


Kimagure Cook is a YouTube channel established in 2016 by Japanese YouTuber Kaneko, focused on cleaning, cutting, and cooking a wide variety of seafood with humorous narration from Kaneko.

Born: May 31, 1991 (Aichi Prefecture, Japan)
Age: 32 years old
Profession: YouTuber
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Genre: Cooking, Fishing, Seafood
Nationality: Japanese

Kimagure Cook

3. Fischer’s-フィッシャーズ-


Fischer's (フィッシャーズ) is a Japanese comedy group consisting of five members who gained popularity on YouTube for their comedic skits and pranks. They are known for their outrageous and over-the-top performances and have expanded their reach beyond YouTube to television appearances and live shows.

Former Members: Daibū, Peketan
Current Members: Dāma, Zakao, Motoki, Ndaho, Masai, Silk Road
Location: Japan


2. Bayashi TV


Bayashi TV is a renowned Japanese YouTuber and TikTok creator who specializes in sharing his culinary skills with his followers. He regularly uploads concise cooking videos, providing a glimpse into his cooking process and recipes, to his social media channels.

Birthday: September 5, 1988
Age: 35 years old
Birthplace: Japan
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Email: [email protected]

Bayashi TV

1. HikakinTV


Hikaru Kaihatsu, also known as HikakinTV, is a renowned Japanese YouTuber and social media personality recognized for his exceptional beatboxing abilities and music videos. He rose to fame when one of his beatbox videos garnered over 4 million views in the year 2010. He continues to collaborate with well-known YouTubers and celebrities in Japan and worldwide.

Full name: Hikaru Kaihatsu
Birthday: April 21, 1989
Age: 34 years old
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Nationality: Japanese


The Japanese YouTube community is a hub of talented individuals, catering to a wide range of interests from gaming to comedy and everything in between. Boasting some of the most creative and entertaining internet influencers, Japan’s emphasis on creativity and high-quality content makes it a powerhouse in the world of digital media.

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