A collaborative performance with global rap artists showcasing diverse musical styles took place.
International artists are collaborating on a global rap stage.

Hip-hop has become a global phenomenon in music, shaping cultures and transcending borders. Join us as we explore the top ten countries that have embraced and elevated the art of rap, producing exceptional artists who redefine the genre internationally.

Here are the Top 10 Countries Producing Exceptional Rap Artists

  1. United States

    The epicenter of hip-hop culture, the United States has consistently given birth to groundbreaking rap artists transcending musical boundaries. From the trailblazing beats of Grandmaster Flash to the socially conscious lyricism of Kendrick Lamar, American hip-hop stands as a testament to the genre’s global influence, shaping trends and sparking conversations far beyond the realm of music.
  2. United Kingdom

    In the UK, a rap revolution is underway, with artists like Stormzy, Skepta, and Dave leading the charge. Their impact extends beyond catchy beats, delving into discussions on race, identity, and social issues. The British rap scene not only provides a sonic landscape but also serves as a powerful platform for cultural dialogue and expression.
  3. Philippines

    Across the Pacific, the Philippines’ rap scene is rising, with artists like Gloc-9, Abra, Shanti Dope, and the emerging talent Loonie carving out their space. Their music reflects the nation’s social landscape. It contributes to the global diversity of hip-hop, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with listeners worldwide. The Philippines is a testament to rap’s universal appeal and adaptability as a genre.
  4. Canada

    Canada’s rap scene has produced global superstars, and at its forefront is Drake, an artist who has redefined the boundaries of success. The storytelling prowess of The Weeknd and the versatile artistry of Tory Lanez further showcase Canada’s ability to nurture diverse talents, contributing to the country’s growing influence on the global hip-hop stage.
  5. France

    Across the Atlantic, French rap, characterized by pioneers like IAM and modern icons such as Booba and Niska, has become a cultural force with a poetic heartbeat. Beyond the language barrier, French rap resonates globally, providing a unique blend of lyricism and social consciousness that captures the essence of contemporary society.
  6. Germany

    The German rap scene, featuring talents like Kollegah, Cro, and Capital Bra, blends local authenticity with international appeal. Rapidly evolving, German hip-hop reflects the country’s cultural diversity, contributing to the global hip-hop tapestry and redefining the sound of European rap.
  7. South Africa

    In the heart of Africa, the South African rap scene, led by Cassper Nyovest, AKA, and Nasty C, is a melting pot of influences, drawing from the country’s rich musical traditions. These artists use their music as a powerful tool for storytelling, addressing societal challenges, and creating a unique fusion of sounds that resonates far beyond national borders.
  8. Australia

    Down under, Australian rap, spearheaded by Hilltop Hoods, Briggs, and Sampa the Great, is making waves with its narrative-driven style and exploration of indigenous culture. The scene’s growth mirrors Australia’s diverse hip-hop landscape, providing a canvas for artists to paint vivid pictures of life, identity, and social realities.
  9. Nigeria

    Infused with Afrobeat influences, Nigerian hip-hop has become a global cultural ambassador, offering a rhythmic and socially conscious expression that resonates worldwide.
  10. Brazil

    In South America, Brazilian rap, embodied by Emicida, Racionais MC, and Karol Conká, is a powerful voice for social commentary. The genre has evolved into a platform for marginalized communities, earning respect for its authenticity and impact as it shapes narratives and challenges societal norms.


The top 10 countries hosting exceptional rap artists, from the birthplace of hip-hop, the United States, to the rising force in the Pacific, the Philippines, create a vivid global canvas of diverse talent and cultural influence. American legends pioneered beats, and emerging voices in the Philippines collectively shaped and redefined the international rap scene. The universal appeal of rap transcends borders, forming a dynamic, ever-evolving musical landscape resonating globally.

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