TOP 10 greatest Filipino rock bands of all time
Eraserheads recreated the famous Beatles crossing.

If you were born in the 1980s or 1990s, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the music of these rock bands. Some of their music has made Filipinos proud. Let us look at the best rock bands in the Philippines.

Here are the 10 greatest Filipino rock bands of all time

  1. Aegis


    This rock band was formed in 1995. Aegis is composed of sisters Juliet, Mercy, and Ken Sunot on lead vocals, only-male member Rey Abenoja on vocals and guitars, Stella Pabico on keyboards, Rowena Adriano on bass guitar, and Vilma Goloviogo on drums.

  2. IV of Spades

    IV of Spades

    IV OF SPADES was created in 2014 by Allan Silonga, who was looking for band members to work with his son Blaster, who would become the quartet’s main guitarist. The original band members were composed of Zild Benitez, Blaster Silonga, Badjao de Castro, and Unique Salonga, who later on left the band for personal reasons.

  3. Orange and Lemons

    Orange and Lemons

    Orange and Lemons is a pop rock band founded in 1999 by lead vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro who popularize the song “Pinoy Ako (Theme From Pinoy Big Brother)”. The band members are composed of Clem Castro, JM del Mundo, Ace del Mundo, and Jared Nerona.

  4. Callalily


    Callalily is a Manila-based pop rock band that was founded in 2005. The band’s members are Lem Belaro, Aaron Ricafrente, Nathan Reyes, Joshua Bulot, and Alden Acosta, who rejoined the band in 2022, twelve years after leaving in 2010.

  5. Hale


    Hale was formed in Manila, the Philippines in 2004. Band members are Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada, Pao Santiago, and Chino David. Their beautiful love song “The Day You Said Goodnight” currently hits 10 million on youtube.

  6. Sponge Cola

    Sponge Cola

    Sponge Cola was formed between 1998 and 2002 according to Ysmael “Yael” Yuzon. The band members are composed of Yael Yuzon, Gosh Gilay, Armo Armovit, Tedmark Cruz.

  7. Urbandub


    The proud Cebuano Urbandub is a rock band originally from Cebu. The band members are composed of Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol, Lalay Lim, and JanJan Mendoza who joined in 2003. The first independent band in the Philippines to use a big label to help them release records all throughout the country.

  8. Parokya ni Edgar

    Parokya Ni Edgar

    Parokya ni Edgar and Rivermaya both emerge their popularity in the same year. The band is known for its original rock novelty songs and popular covers. The band members are composed of Chito Miranda, Buwi Meneses, Darius Semaña, Gab Chee Kee, Dindin Moreno, and Vinci Montaner.

  9. Rivermaya


    Rivermaya is an alternative rock band formed in 1994. Rivermaya is composed of original members Mark Escueta, Nathan Azarcon, Mike Elgar, Rico Blanco, and vocalist Bamboo Mañalac.

  10. Eraserheads


    Eraserheads is one of the few rock bands that are famous in the early 80s. The band formed in 1989 with a line-up comprising Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro, and Raimund Marasigan.

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