Pinetree Mountain
Pinetree Mountain is one of the beautiful tourist destination in Balamban

The Pinetree Mountain Resort is one of the newest attractions in Brgy. Gaas Balamban, Cebu. The view can be compared to a little Baguio. The beautiful creation of God when you’re up in the mountain. This place is an exclusive one you need to reserve first before entering the place and enjoy the amenities.

Pinetree Mountain Resort
Awesome Swimming Pool at Pinetree Mountain Resort

Pine trees outside the resorts attract and gives the view very amazing. This is a six-hectare private property and has many pine trees planted. Aside from that, you will amaze the elegant and luxury design of the resort. Very beautiful view of the resort will be remarkable.

How To Get There

  • Book a trip to Cebu/ Mactan International Airport
  • From Mactan International Airport to South bus terminal Cebu by taxi cost Php 185.00
  • From South Bus terminal ride bus with sign Balambam fare costs Php 130.00
  • From Balamban terminal to Brgy. Gaas Balamban by jeepney cost Php 35.00 each

Things To Do

  • Relaxing 360 beautiful view
  • Experience the infinity pool
  • Game room
  • Sauna and outside Jacuzzi
  • Veranda with nice view
  • The amazing Pine trees

Pinetree Mountain Resort Rates

  • for the meantime, the reservation will be done by using email
  • Room in resort cost Php 6,000.00 per room but per date should have a minimum of 3 rooms to be reserved and can use all the facilities in the resort
  • Php 1,500.00 per person but Day use only but should have 30 guests per specific date. They can use also the facilities offered by the resort

This resort is a very nice place to relax. It was also very cold like Baguio you cant feel you’re near in the City because you are in the high part on earth. When you stay overnight you can feel and see the fogs. I will never forget and I enjoyed much while in the pool and Jacuzzi seeing the view outside is a refreshing one. The experience is so much worthy like you are in outside of the country. Beautiful nature surrounds the resort and the Pine trees covering the mountain is the nicest view I’ve ever seen. The room you’ve reserved was very clean and the food they serve was very delicious. Would definitely go back. Big Five for the beauty of nature.

This resort like little Baguio small but terrible and very nice place, you can unwind here. You can book here any occasion and will be exclusive you and your loved ones. Is like heaven if you are here perfect combination.

Personal Experience

Highly recommended the place and they have nice staff and accommodate you very well. This resort gives all in one reservation for the guests who have a minimal budget. You don’t have any problem looking for food because they have free food for packages and have their own food offers. You only have to do is to enjoy and relax. They have a good staff to serve your needs and worth the money you paid.

What are you waiting for?

Pinetree Mountain Resort Contact

Address: Gaas Balamban, Cebu
Email Address: [email protected]
Contact Number: (032) 422 3388

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