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MyHealth Clinic Robinsons Cybergate Branch.

Iwish you had time to go back and check all the clinics and doctors in the Mall, but I don’t have time; well, I have put all the List of Clinics in Cybergate Mall in Cebu.

Here is the List of Clinics and Doctors in Robinsons Cybergate

  1. Almagro & Sabayle Dental Clinic

    Dr. Mary Therese Llnaos-Almagro, DDM
    Dr. Sharon Faye Veloso-Sbayle, DDM

  2. Albarando & Laboga Dental Clinic

    Dr. Alma Albarando-Sara, DDM
    Dr. Ma. Christine L. Laboga, DDM

  3. Cabucos Clinic

    Dr. Richielda M. Cabucos, MD (Pediatrics)
    Dr. Lourdes Eden M. Jusay, MD. DPAFP (Family Medicine)

  4. Cancer and Multispecialty Center

    Dr. Marc Denver S. Yray, MD. DPBS
    Dr. Ellen C. Gasendo, MD. DPPS
    Dr. Ruchee Uy – Balansag, MD, DPOGS
    Dr. Maria Leore Deslate – Igot, MD, FPPA
    Dr. Marie Elaine T. Nielo, MD

  5. Cebu Smile Studio

    Dr. Lorna Q. Amor, DDM
    Dr. Cecile Camaya-Garay, DDM
    Dr. George L. Garcia, DDM

  6. Cebu Orthopaedic Institute

    All doctors specialize in Orthopedic Surgeon
    Unit 401

    Dr. Oliver Y. Ong, MD
    Dr. Jonathan O. Flordelis, MD
    Dr. Judith Avlerie M. Akol, MD
    Dr. Mario L. Chan, MD
    Dr. Richard V. Condor, MD
    Dr. Jose Z. Flordelis, MD
    Dr. Jose Joeffrey F. Arbatin Jr., MD
    Dr. Leopoldo J Jiao III, MD
    Dr. Agustin Miquel G. Morales, MD
    Dr. Jose Antonio G. San Juan, MD
    Dr. Robinson T. Uy, MD
    Dr. Philip Ian G. Barlaan, MD
    Dr. Miguel C. Go, MD
    Dr. Dilbert A. Monicit, MD

  7. Chin Medical Clinic

    Dr. Filberito T. Chin, MD
    Dr. Ma. Divina Cabusas – Chin, MD

  8. Cutis Angelique Derma Clinic and Anti-aging Center

    Dr. Elsie R. Hondrado, MD. MSc., FPDS, FDP-PDS

  9. Cyberdocs Specialist Center

    Dr. Cheryl K. Bullo, MD, FPPS
    Dr. Stephen O. Bullo, MD, FPCS, FPSGS, FPALES
    Dr. Nainda B. Calustre-Claud, MD, FPOGS
    Dr. Enjel A. Gabriel, MD, FPCP, FPSG, FPSDE
    Dr. Marian K. Denopol, MD
    Dr. Noel P. Astrologo, MD, DPBS
    Dr. Dennis Amparado, MD, DPBO
    Dr. Jeremy Jones F. Robles, MD, FPCP, FPSEM
    Dr. Ian Fruto G. Teodorico, MD, FPCP

  10. Dental Wellness

    Dr. Monique D. Javier-delos Santos, MD, FPOGS
    Dr. Cindy A. Giduquio-fabe, MD, FPOGS
    Dr. Luditha Lumapat-pe, MD, DPPS
    Dr. Maria Nadith I., PE, MD, FPCP, FPCC
    Dr. Desiree U. Dy-Holaysan, MD, DPPS

  11. Diana Binoya-Cahayag Medical Clinic

    Dr. Carolyne Bucao
    Dr. Joel Yu
    Dr. Mongie Veloso Cesora Dental Clinic
    Dr. Richielda Cabucos-Lao

  12. Intelliprime

    Dr. Russell V. Makiling, RGC, Ed.D

  13. My OPM Clinic

    Dr. Ray Marco M. Alivio, MD. DPPS
    Dr. Roy Paolo T. Atillo, MD. DPBA
    Dr. Joy Juliet Gulosino – Ampo-on, MD, DPPS
    Dr. Christensen B. Balaoro, MD
    Dr. Marbee Phereniceb Torrizo, MD FPOGS, FPSGE

Those are your List of Clinics in Robinsons Cybergate Mall, Cebu. Any suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment down below!

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