Estaca Bay Resort Review

Is it the best or worst beach resort?

Estaca Bay Resort
Estaca Bay Resort is situated in the Compostela part of Cebu

When there are too many people on the beach, this place becomes chaotic. We were there for a birthday party last June 2022. It’s a Sunday, and the beach is crowded and noisy, and the water isn’t suitable for swimming, so we go to the pool instead.

Estaba Bay Resort

Another issue is that the lifeguards in a pool are so strict that you must wear swimming attire or clothes that are not cotton in order to swim in the pool.

Cottages Prices

Cabana: PHP 1,500.00
Open Cottages: PHP 3,000.00
Tent: PHP 3,000.00
Tables and Chairs: PHP 500.00

Cottages are far too expensive for the average public beach, especially when the beach is dirty and unsuitable for the general public. All reserve cottages come with Fees according to their capacity.

Beach Information

Address: Cebu North Road, Brgy. Estaca 6003 Compostela, Philippines
Contact: 0920 281 0134 / 0922-402-2828
Email: [email protected]


Estaca Bay Resort is the worst beach in Cebu why? There are too many fees inside the resort, which is not ideal for the public. Entrance fees, swimming pool fees, cottage fees, corkage fees, and shower fees are all to be expected. Overall, the location is suitable for a day trip, but the beach is not suitable for children, and there are many rocks on the beach and not to mention it is very dirty when it is too crowded.

Estaca Bay Review

Cebu North Road, Brgy. Estaca, Compostela, Philippines

Estaca Bay Resort Logo
Located on Cebu North Road in Barangay Estaca, Compostela, Philippines. Estaca Bay Resort is a destination that has been a popular spot for many locals.
Ease of Use


Estaca Bay Resort may seem like a decent day trip but to be honest the excessive fees, rocky shore, and the dirty beach, especially during crowded times make it unsuitable for families with children.

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