A comprehensive review of Cebu Westown Lagoon - discover insights on amenities, guest experiences, and the genuine atmosphere for an informed travel decision.
Revealing the Real Experience

Nestled between the lively cities of Cebu and Mandaue, Cebu Westown Lagoon offers a peaceful escape for travelers looking for a break. Guests sharing a wide range of experiences go beyond the initial appearance, offering a more detailed and nuanced perspective of this seemingly perfect haven.

Positive Aspects

Cebu Westown Lagoon assures a comfortable feel, similar to a second home, featuring spacious rooms and enjoyable extras such as an artificial lagoon and two Jacuzzi pools. It makes people expect a lot from it. We start our exploration by scrutinizing these features to determine if they meet the expectations set for them.


The narrative opens with a stark statement: “To be fair, rooms are spacious, but everything else is just terrible.” This critique is the prelude to a series of grievances voiced by visitors. Strict rules during check-in and unattended noise disturbances during nearby events contribute to a less-than-ideal picture of the experience.

Inconsistencies and Discrimination

A significant thread unraveled in visitor accounts relates to the inconsistent application of hotel policies. One family expresses frustration when their child isn’t allowed to use the grown-up pool. A family felt upset when their child couldn’t use the grown-up pool, only to discover that only people booking pricier rooms get that privilege. The manager’s reportedly unapologetic stance exacerbates the perception of a less-than-hospitable environment.

Family-Friendly or Discordant?

Despite marketing itself as family-friendly, the venue faces criticism for not providing designated smoking areas, causing discomfort for families with children. The contrasting experiences of vibrant pools for kids and dimly lit, unsettling bathroom facilities paint a picture of a potentially disjointed atmosphere.

Accessibility and Aesthetics

While recognizing praise for accessibility and attractive decorations, the narrative also explores concerns about overcrowding and noise. The inconsistency regarding pool depth and conflicting information about alcohol consumption near the pool introduce an element of uncertainty.

Service Woes

Reports of inadequate service and communication channels reveal the last layer of discontent. Guests express frustration over difficulties in reaching out to the staff, raising concerns about the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the hotel’s operations.

Tips and Recommendations

  1. Prioritize booking spacious rooms for a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  2. Clarify hotel rules during check-in to avoid surprises and potential inconveniences.
  3. If family pool access is crucial, inquire about the particular policies for your booked room type to ensure a seamless experience.
  4. If traveling with children, seek a quiet area away from the bustling crowd for a more relaxed experience.
  5. Consider visiting during off-peak times to enjoy the aesthetic appeal without the drawbacks of overcrowding.
  6. Maintain clear communication with the staff and confirm reservations / through the hotel’s website for a smoother booking process.


Even though Cebu Westown Lagoon might seem attractive, a closer look at what guests have gone through tells a more detailed story. It’s valuable to consider both the positive aspects and the issues that people have mentioned. Make sure your expectations match what others have experienced at this place.

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