Mactan Island Blue Reef Resort
Mactan Island Blue Reef Resort. Photo by Tom J

Mactan Blue Reef Resort is one of the most affordable and visited summer destinations in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Many locals (Cebuanos) loved this place to have fun, relax and enjoy.

Mactan Island Blue Reef Resort
Pictures from FUMNHS Batch 1998 at Blue Reef Resort Summer Outing

Just 15 minutes from the airport terminal and 30 minutes from Metro Cebu. Blue Reef is a 5300 sqm island resort hotel with 20 air-conditioned rooms, furnished with a TV, hot and icy shower, a dresser, and a smaller-than-expected bar. All rooms have overhangs so visitors can appreciate a stunning perspective of the ocean.

Blue Reef Resort in Mactan
Video Singing with My Highschool Batchmates

To be honest this is my 4rth time in Blue Reef and the fun and memories are always a treasure. Moments like this are priceless, so thank you all.

Personal Experience

We went there with my batchmates for our first time ever ‘Batch 1998 Summer Outing’ last May 14, 2017, and we really enjoyed the place. A few key points though, the place is very crowded during the peak seasons like summer. The restroom is not well maintained, toilets were clogged. One restroom for males has no doors, literally. It is an open space! Thus, I can say the place is great only when it is not crowded. If you are hesitant you can click here for reviews.

Travel Tips

In the event that you like a cheap and short-distance place to party without minding the noisy crowd and mediocre amenities, then this is the ideal place for you. Regardless of whether you bring your own food and beverages or purchase from the in-house store you can utilize the premises and appreciate it. Blue Reef Resort is best delighted in around evening time when there are fewer people and less noise.

Amenities for Customers

  • Chill at the grill in a BBQ
  • Sing along with Karaoke
  • Sand Playground
  • Private Beach Area
  • Island Boat Trip
  • Waterslides into the channel

The video down below shows the actual footage of the FUMNHS batch 1998 summer outing. While you enjoy this clip, never miss the next reunion.

I wish we had a longer 3-minute video clip, but still, this clip was valuable for the next 10 years or longer and we are all very proud of it.

Blue Reef Resort Warnings

Right after entering the Blue Reef’s premises, you will be given a white paper that contains warnings and notices for the safety of your guests. If you don’t have time to read it. Below is the list of all 18 warnings.

  1. Do not use slides when the sea level is low and/or no water flowing.
  2. Assume proper position when using the slide. Do not slide head first.
  3. Remove all sharp and pointed objects from the body before using the slide.
  4. Do not stop in the middle of the slide. All users must follow through and vacate the exit immediately to avoid injury.
  5. Ascertain that the previous person has cleared the slide before mounting the slide.
  6. Keep your arms tucked near the body when sliding.
  7. Do not walk up the slide. Use the stairs.
  8. Use a life jacket or a floatation device if you are unable to swim.
  9. Parents/Guardians must accompany their children/wards at all times.
  10. Do not swim/dive/slide while drinking or in an inebriated condition.
  11. Swim in a group if you intend to swim in deep water.
  12. Diving/Jumping off up elevated areas is prohibited.
  13. Do not swim/dive/slide without clothes on.
  14. During low tide, some portions of the beachfront are slippery, please walk slowly.
  15. Have yourself marked with a stamp if you temporarily leave the premises.
  16. To avoid injury, wear slippers or sandals to the beach and/or premises. Don’t bring or use thumbtacks. Please deposit with the guard.
  17. To prevent electrical shock towel dry your hands before using the Videoke.
  18. To avoid an accident, do not swing the nylon hammocks. Please use said hammocks as a bed for resting.

Mactan Blue Reef Resort Information

Entrance Fee: ₱40.00
Address: Tongo Marigondon, Mactan Island 6015, Cebu, Philippines
Telephone Number: +63 32 4942644
Fax: +63 32 3400626
Email: [email protected]

If you are not familiar with the place, don’t fret I have tips for you. Blue Reef is just beside Ocean Pearl Resort. So if you are familiar with this resort, ask some locals in the area and they guide you for sure.

Blue Reef Resort is a summer getaway, not just a resort, It’s a party destination. Have you been here? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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