Stunning view of Malapascua Island
Stunning view of Malapascua Island

Aside from white sand beaches, Malapascua Island is also known as its diving destination. If you want to visit this place and are currently in Cebu City, the journey from Cebu to Malapascua could last as long as 6 hours.

Malapascua Island is located on the northern tip of Cebu Island and has everything to offer for such a small island that is only 3 km long and 1km wide. Malapascua is famous for being a diving paradise in this region of the Philippines. People from all walks of life, including divers and vacationers, are drawn to Malapascua because of its stunning beauty and incredible underwater sights.

Malapascua Dive Sites
Malapascua Dive Sites

As a Cebu native, I find it intriguing that Malapascua translates to “Bad Christmas” in Cebuano (Bisaya). The story goes that this name was bestowed upon the island by a Spanish explorer who landed there on a stormy Christmas Day during the 1500s. I didn’t know about this historical connection until I started researching for this blog.

Malapascua Island Offers

  • Relaxing and Tranquil Experience
  • Diving Sites
  • White Sandy Beaches
  • Crystal Clear Waters
  • Swaying Palm Trees
  • Fresh Ocean Air
  • Friendly Locals
Malapascua Island Philippines
Malapascua Island has a white sandy beach, similar to Boracay.

This place feels like paradise on one of its beautiful tropical islands in Cebu. It’s a perfect place to escape the stress of our daily life and enjoy ourselves. Malapascua Island is the ideal destination for those seeking a Cebu resort experience away from the crowds of tourists.

Even now, Malapascua has avoided becoming overcrowded with bars and resorts, ensuring the preservation of its natural beauty. This island is perfect for those who want a laid-back atmosphere, away from cities’ busy life.

You can check their website to see for yourself. Come and visit Malapascua Island in Cebu for a unique experience!

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