U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship: Winners
This event has a maximum of 48 participants

Aside from the U.S. Open 9-ball Championship, the U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship is another pool tournament that has existed over the last several decades. The newest version of the U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship is sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and operated by CueSports International (CSI).

Here are the Winners of the U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship

YearWinnerCountrySecond PlaceCountry
2019Shane Van BoeningBilly Thorpe
2017Lee Vann CortezaThorsten Hohmann
2016Dennis OrcolloShane Van Boening
2000Ralf SouquetMin-Wai Chin
1993Oliver OrtmannChien-Sheng Lee
1992Mike SigelDallas West
1989Oliver OrtmannSteve Mizerak
1983Dallas WestNick Varner
1977Tom Jennings Dick Lane
1976Tom JenningsJoe Balsis
1975Dallas WestPeter Margo
1974Joe BalsisJim Rempe
1973Steve Mizerak Luther Lassiter
1972Steve Mizerak Danny DiLiberto
1971Steve Mizerak Joe Balsis
1970Steve MizerakLuther Lassiter
1969Luther LassiterJack Breit
1968Joe BalsisDanny DiLiberto
1967Jimmy CarasLuther Lassiter
1966Irving CraneJoe Balsis

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