U.S. Open Pool Championship: Winners

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U.S. Open Pool Championship Leaderboard
In history, the first official edition of the U.S. Open Championship was contested by just 16 players in 1976. The number of players has grew over time, reaching its present level of 256 players.

One of the prestigious events in 9-ball is the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. It is an annual professional men’s 9-ball pool tournament that began in its current form in 1976; however, women are now welcome to participate. Winners of the U.S. Open are given a green blazer, the Barry Behrman trophy, and free access to all future U.S. Open tournaments.

Here are the Winners of the U.S. Open Pool Championship

2022Francisco Sanchez RuizMax Lechner13–10$50,000
2021Carlo BiadoAloysius Yapp13–8$50,000
'Not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic'
2019Joshua FillerWu Jia-qing13–10$50,000
'Not held due to a venue relocation'
2017Jayson ShawEklent Kaci13–4$40,000
2016Shane Van BoeningChang Jung-lin13–9$50,000
2015Kevin ChengKarl Boyes13–6$40,000
2014Shane Van BoeningDennis Orcollo13–10$30,000
2013Shane Van BoeningLee Vann Corteza13–10$30,000
2012Shane Van BoeningDennis Orcollo13–7$25,000
2011Darren AppletonShawn Putnam13–6$30,000
2010Darren AppletonCorey Deuel15–13$40,000
2009Mika ImmonenRalf Souquet13–10$40,000
2008Mika ImmonenRonnie Alcano13–7$40,000
2007Shane Van BoeningRonnie Alcano13–10$50,000
2006John SchmidtRodolfo Luat11–6$40,000
2005Alex PagulayanJose Parica11–6$40,000
2004Gabe OwenThorsten Hohmann11–3$30,000
2003Jeremy JonesJose Parica11–4$30,000
2002Ralf SouquetAlex Pagulayan13–11$30,000
2001Corey DeuelMika Immonen11–0$30,000
2000Earl StricklandTakeshi Okumura11–5$50,000
1999Johnny ArcherJeremy Jones11–7$30,000
1998Buddy HallTang Hoa11–5$25,000
1997Earl StricklandEfren Reyes11–3$25,000
1996Rodney MorrisEfren Reyes11–6$25,000
1995Reed PierceEfren Reyes11–6$20,000
1994Efren ReyesNick Varner9–6$15,000
1993Earl StricklandTony Ellin11–8$15,000
1992Tommy KennedyJohnny Archer9–1$15,000
1991Buddy HallDennis Hatch9–8$15,000
1990Nick VarnerJohnny Archer11–10$10,000
1989Nick VarnerKim Davenport13–6$10,000
1988Mike LebrónNick Varner11–6 $8,000
1987Earl StricklandJim Rempe11–7$7,000
1986David HowardAllen Hopkins11–9$7,000
1985Jimmy ReidMike Lebrón11–5$7,800
1984Earl StricklandMike Sigel11–10$10,000
1983Mike SigelDavid Howard11–10$5,000
1982David HowardMike Zuglan10-4$4,000
1981Allen Hopkins Mike Sigel11-7$4,000
1980Mike SigelRay Martin11-7$3,600
1979Steve MizerakJim Rempe11-10$3,600
1979Louie RobertsDavid Howard15-11$3,000
1978Allen HopkinsSteve Mizerak15-11$5,000
'Not held'
1976Mike SigelPeter Margo11-1$3,100

Clearly, the United States dominated the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship significantly, with the Philippines coming in second, which is the mecca of Pool country.


For the first time in history, Spain won the U.S. In the final of the Open Pool Championship, he defeated Max Lechner. Some have described the Pool as a brutal game, but this is a game of a 9-ball pool with some luck.

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