TOP 5 Korean Restaurants in Cebu

List of Best Korean Restaurants in Cebu, Philippines

Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant Cebu
Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant is one of the finest Korean Restaurants in Cebu

There are lots of Korean restaurants here in the Philippines. This indicates that there are Korean citizens here or more Korean tourists visiting our country. Those who live here have their own businesses and invest to gain more profit. They love living here in the Philippines because of the place and of course, we Filipinos are popular for being hospitable. In line with this, I have listed the Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Cebu.

Here Are The Top 5 Korean Restaurants in Cebu

  1. KAYA Korean BBQ Cebu

    KAYA Korean BBQ Cebu

    This is one of the Korean restaurants that is highly recommended by many who have tasted their food and vouched they offer good service. It is located at F. Cabahug St. Bonifacio District Cebu City. They have delicious Korean food to offer and they have their own style as well as their ingredients are unique.

    Must-Try Food on Their Menu

    • Korean BBQ
    • Grilled Ddukgalbi with shrimp
    • Samgyupsal
    • Chamchi jjigae
    • Kimchi
    • Manduramyun

    Schedule of Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 5:00 pm to 6:00 am
    Call and Reservation Number: 0999 848 6795

    I try their Korean green salad and it was different from the others. It was spicy, soft, and a little bit crunchy. They have many different kinds of appetizers it’s free to refill. The beef they serve was so yummy and tender. I really love the different Korean BBQ dining experiences you usually get, it’s high quality and the flavors are exquisite. The prices of the foods were affordable and good for the family.

    You must try to eat here and experience how the staff treats you as well as take good care when you’re inside the restaurant. I will recommend ordering their unique taste in Korean BBQ dining. They’re open 5:00 pm – 6 am, though you can also have your dinner or satisfy your late-night craving.

  2. Maroo Korean Restaurant Cebu

    Maroo Korean Restaurant Cebu

    This is a good Korean restaurant in the City that you will surely miss! It is located at Paseo Saturnino Maria Luisa Road Cebu City. The amazing taste of food and feels like you’re in Korea!

    A Must Try Food Offers

    • Nakji-bokem and somyeon
    • Yukhue
    • Agui-jeongo
    • Budae-jjigae
    • Sacheon-tangsuyuki
    • Gom-tang
    • Kimchi

    Schedule of Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
    Call and Reservation Number: (032) 520 7180

    All foods look fresh and in proper taste. They serve very quality and mouthwatering meat to your order. This is one of the best Korean restaurants and has a nice taste that will surely make someone come back. The staff is accommodating and listens attentively to the needs of the customers.

    Don’t miss the chance to taste Korean Bulgogi and Octopus steam as well as their Kimchi. Go order and feel the great service in this restaurant.

  3. Somac Korean Restaurant

    Somac Korean Restaurant Cebu

    The foods here in Somac Korean Restaurant were very irresistible. It is located at the Somac1-FLB building beside Ayala Terminal. Somac2: Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu.

    A Must Try Food Offers

    • Beef bulgogi
    • Guchujang
    • Samgyeopsal
    • Kimchijjigae
    • Tangsuyok
    • Tofu kimchi
    • Takbal

    Schedule of Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 am
    Call and Reservation Number: (032) 401 3209

    The foods were delicious to dine in. The ambiance is simple and homey feeling.
    Authentic Korean seating while eating was very comfortable. There are a lot of side dishes they offer that will enjoy the customer. Must try Samgyeopsal looks and taste so yummy, literally this is the best seller. Definitely, they have a good service and a good Korean menu. You will surely come back again.

  4. Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant

    Chosun Galbi Korean Restaurant Cebu

    This Korean restaurant is one of the crowd’s favorites. It is remarkable that they serve a lot of side dishes that you couldn’t even finish. The place is located at 888 A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu.

    Must-Try Food Offers

    • Yookgaejang- a soup of chopped beef with various condiments.
    • Galbijjim- steamed beef short ribs with soy sauce, sesame oil garlic, sugar, wine, onions, and black pepper.
    • Chosun galbi jip Jeonsik – soybean paste stew, kimchi stew. Stir-fried pork, egg scup, grilled fish, and side dishes
    • Gobchang Jeongol – a strew made with the small intestine of a cow and mixed with vegetables with hot pepper sauce.
    • Chadolbaki- beef brisket
    • Galbisal-unseasoned, beef ribs meat cooked on the grill, seasoned beef ribs met with soy sauce, sesame oil garlic, sugar, wine, onions, and black pepper, cooked on a grill
    • Kimchi jjigae- kimchi and pork stew

    Schedule of Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 am
    Call and Reservation Number: (032) 239 2281

    Surprisingly, their food was great! It has an authentic Korean taste and they have large servings that could really fill you up. Their side dishes were complete! And their kimchi was remarkable, it was fresh and crunchy. The meat that was used was properly marinated and cooked well.

    Overall, I was really happy with the food and I can recommend this Korean restaurant to try their food offers. The place could really use some decorations though just to add a Korean feels to it but the food is good. Looking at the menu, the prices were reasonable for Korean food. It wasn’t that expensive nor too affordable. The place is also well ventilated and can request a private room to eat. So don’t waste your time and visit the place!

  5. Topokki Man

    Topokki Man Restaurant

    This Korean restaurant is known for its budget-friendly restaurant. This is located at Banilad Rosedale Place, Banilad, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, Cebu. They have amazing food and great service.

    Food Offers Must Try

    • Original Topokki
    • Ramen Noodle
    • Donpokki
    • Mozzarella dumpling
    • Kimchi fried rice
    • Korean BBQ

    The environment looks refreshing and attracts the younger ones. I love their food and they have an amazing service for the customer. The food was very affordable and they will deliver also. This restaurant is a crowd favorite. The taste and flavor of the food here is something you cannot resist. It is also simply saying that if you want to taste Korean food, here is one of the places you can start.

    This is highly recommended for those who want to taste Korean foods at reasonable prices.

    When it comes to service they were great. Do visit the cozy place that will surely make you come back and eat again and again.

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These are the Top 5 Korean restaurants in Cebu that will surely mark your amazing life. Try and visit the restaurant where you can feel you’re in Korea because of the food and the ambiance that they bring here even if you’re in the Philippines.

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