Top 5 Most Controversial Fliptop Battles
AKT diss Anygma in this scene.

Hip-hop is a subgenre of battle rap. It features two rappers verbally battling each other. Here are the top 5 most controversial battles on Fliptop.

Here are the top 5 controversial Fliptop battles

  1. Batas vs PriceTagg

    This conflict between Price Tagg and Batas is incredible. Price Tagg won by a thin margin. However, it’s evident. One of Batas’ better performances is undoubtedly this one, but Price Tagg was the finest in this battle—respect for both.

  2. It was one of the greatest battles I have ever witnessed in Philippine history. Abra and Loonie’s verses are excellent, but Shehyhee and Smugglaz’s intensity and chemistry overpower them—the best possible delivery for both.

  3. AKT vs. Luxuria

    AKT and Apoc nearly got into a brawl during the conflict. AKT and Apoc nearly got into an altercation during the conflict. APOC responds defiantly to AKT’s trash talk during their bars, raising a finger and declaring his intention to fight. In response, AKT challenges APOC with the words, “Let’s fight outside.”

  4. Shehyee vs. Sinio

    Harsh words by Sinio regarding Shehyee’s girlfriend drew conflicting responses and quickly gained attention on social media. On February 2, 2017, FlipTop published a video of their match on YouTube. Within four days, it received over 5 million views when Ann Mateo’s mother threatened Sinio with legal action, which became controversial.

  5. AKT vs. Poison 13

    It is the most controversial battle in the history of the Fliptop league. AKT is unquestionably a masterwork in this battle regarding lyricism, entertainment value, and delivery. On January 27, 2022, Fliptop published a viral video. His round 3 against Poison 13 was a complete diss against the Fliptop community, emcees, and Anygma himself. The debate heated even more when AKT lost the battle 5-0 to Poison13.

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