Sinio Vs Apekz: Battle of the Year

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Sinio vs Apekz
Fliptop: Best battle of the year Sinio vs Apekz

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Battle Conclusion

Both emcees deserve applause because they are champions. Sinio’s first round is sick, referring to Shehyee, but the last few bars of Apekz’s ending are genuine, making him the winner over the judges. I don’t believe the score is 5-0 in favor of Apekz. Fliptop judges are and will always be biased in my opinion. The battles such as J-Skeelz vs Thike and Poison13 vs Akt are examples of Fliptop battles where the Fliptop judges are purely biased. The reality of Fliptop today is becoming a monopoly. Apekz and AKT were correct; the league itself is a real joke.

Who do you think won the battle between Sinio vs Apekz?

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