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Road signs in the Philippines are regulated and standardized by the Department of Public Works and Highways. Most of the signs reflect minor influences from American and Australian signage but keep close to the Vienna Convention as an original signatory. Wikipedia

It is unclear if the Department of Public Works and Highways mandates the use of Clearview as its official typeface for signs, but some road signs do use them. This is why I have the reason to list Road Traffic Signs in the Philippines.

Here Are The List of Road Traffic Signs in the Philippines

A. Regulatory Signs

Signs that inform road users of traffic laws and regulations which, if disregarded, will constitute an offense.

  1. Priority Signs

    STOP SIGN - the driver must stop at designated STOP LINE. No parking within 6 meters.
    GIVE WAY SIGN - yield to the vehicles on the right side of the intersection.Give Way Sign
    LEFT TURNER MUST GIVE WAYLeft Turner Must Give Way
  2. Direction Signs

    These signs indicate the only direction(s) in which the motorist is obliged to follow.

    NoturnsNo turnsOneway (Right)One way (right)
    Oneway (Left)One way (left)KeeprightKeep right
    KeepleftKeep leftPasseithersidePass either side
    All traffic (right)All traffic (right)All Traffic (left)All traffic (left)
    MergingtrafficMerging trafficTwo-wayTrafficTwo-way traffic
    Noturns (plate type)No turns
    (plate type)
    One-way (right, plate type)One-way
    (right, plate type)
    One-way (left, plate type)One-way
    (left, plate type)
    Keep right (plate type)Keep right
    (plate type)
    Keep left (plate type)Keep left
    (plate type)
    All traffic (right, plate type)All traffic
    (right, plate type)
    All_traffic (left, plate type)All traffic
    (left, plate type)
    Merging traffic (plate type)Merging traffic
    (plate type)
    Salubong na Trapiko (Two-way traffic)Salubong na Trapiko
    (Two-way traffic)
    Two-way traffic (plate type)Two-way traffic
    (plate type)
    Right lane must turn rightRight lane
    must turn right
    Left lane must turn leftLeft lane must
    turn left
  3. Prohibitive / Restrictive Signs

    These signs indicate the only direction(s) in which the motorist is obliged to follow.

    No entry for all vehiclesNo entry for
    all vehicles
    No entry for all vehicles (plate type)No entry for
    all vehicles
    (plate type)
    No entry for carsNo entry for
    No entry for jeepneysNo entry for
    No entry for busesNo entry
    for buses
    No entry for trucksNo entry
    for trucks
    No entry for bicyclesNo entry
    for bicycles
    No entry for motorcyclesNo entry
    for motorcycles
    No entry for tricyclesNo entry
    for tricycles
    No entry for vehicles with trailerNo entry
    for vehicles
    with trailer
    No entry for animal drawn vehiclesNo entry
    for animal
    drawn vehicles
    No entry for pushcartsNo entry
    for pushcarts
    No entry for all types of vehicles
  4. Speed Signs

    Maximum speed restrictionSpeed restriction (maximum)
    End of speed restrictionSpeed limit de-restrictionSpeed limit de-restriction (plate type)
    Minimum speed restrictionSpeed restriction (minimum)
  5. Parking Signs

    Allowable parking and loading zone at a given time and place
    Time restricted parking2P Time restricted parkingLoading and unloading zone
    Loading zoneNo waitingBawal maghintay ano mang oras (No waiting anytime)
    No loading and unloading anytimeNo waitingNo parking, public utility bus stop
    No parking, public utility jeepney stopNo parking, public utility vehicle stopNo stopping anytime
    No loading and unloading anytimeBawal magsakay at magbaba (No loading and unloading)
    Do not block intersection
  6. Miscellaneous Signs

    No entry for vehicles with gross axle load of more 2 tonnesWeight restriction (per axle)
    No entry for vehicles with gross vehicle mass of more than 5 tonnesWeight restriction (by tonnes)
    No entry for vehicles with more than 110 meters in lengthLength restriction
    No entry for vehicles with more 2 meters of widthWidth restriction
    No entry for vehicles with 3.5 meters in heightHeight restriction
    No blowing of hornsNo blowing of horns
    USE SEAT BELT sign is used pursuant to RA 8750, the Seat Belt Law.Fasten seatbelt
    Be aware of pedestrian crossingPedestrian crossing
    Be aware of children crossingSchool children crossing
    Bike lane aheadBike lane
    Be aware of Persons with Disabilities crossingWheelchair crossing

B. Warning Signs

Signs are used to warn motorists of potentially hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the road. It advises motorists of road conditions that require caution and may call for a reduction in speed, in the interest of safety and that of other road users.

  1. Horizontal Signs

    These signs are used to indicate the type of road curve ahead of the motorist.

    Sharp turn (right)Sharp turn (right)Sharp turn (left)Sharp turn (left)
    Reverse turn (right)Reverse turn (right)Reverse turn (left)Reverse turn (left)
    Curve (right)Curve (right)Curve (left)Curve (left)
    Reverse curve (right)Reverse curve (right)Reverse curve (left)Reverse curve (left)
    Winding road (right)Winding road (right)Winding road (left)Winding road (left)
    Hairpin bend (right)Hairpin bend (right)Hairpin bend (left)Hairpin bend (left)
  2. Intersection Signs

    Signs when one approaches an intersection of a junction.

    IntersectionStaggered intersection (right)
    Intersection aheadSkewed intersection (right)
    T-junctionT-Junction aheadY-junctionY-Junction ahead
    Side junction (right)Side junction aheadRoundaboutRoundabout ahead
    Priority, side junction (right)Approach to intersection side roadPriority, intersectionApproach to Intersection
    Priority, merging traffic (right)Approach to intersection
    merging traffic
  3. Advance Warning / Traffic Control Device Signs

    Signs when one approaches an intersection or junction.

    TRAFFIC LIGHTS AHEAD - driver must not park or stop within six (6) meters of this sign as it reduces visibility for other driversTraffic lights ahead
    Stop Sign AheadStop Sign AheadGive way Sign aheadGive Way Sign Ahead
  4. Road Width Signs

    Road narrowsRoad narrows (plate type)
    Road narrows ahead
    Narrow bridgeNarrow bridge (plate type)
    Narrow bridge ahead
    Start of divided trafficEnd of 2-way road aheadEnd of divided traffic2-way road ahead
  5. Road Obstacle Signs

    Opening bridgeOpening bridgeUneven roadUneven road
    HumpHumpSteep descent (right)Downhill sign
    Steep climb (left)Uphill signSpill way signSpill way sign
    Flood-prone areaFlood-prone areaFalling debris (right)Landslide-prone area
    Slippery roadSlippery when wetAnimal crossing aheadAnimal crossing ahead
    Low flying aircraftLow-flying airplane zone
  6. Pedestrian School Signs

    Slow down, pedestrian crossing ahead (plate type)
    Pedestrian Crossing Ahead
    Be aware and stop for children crossing aheadChildren crossing ahead
    Be aware and stop for Persons with Disabilities aheadWheelchair crossing
    Advice to pedestrian to cross at designated areasCross only at pedestrian crossing
    Be aware and slowdown on bike lane aheadBike lane ahead
  7. Railway Level Crossing Signs

    Railroad crossing vehicles must stop or give the right of way
    Railroad crossing advance warning (signalled)Railroad crossing advance warning (unsignalled)
    Railway crossing advance warning
    Alternative railway crossing position in an area that can be easily seenRailroad crossing position (alternative)
  8. Supplementary Signs

    Advisory speedPrefered maximum speed during normal, weather, traffic conditionsOn side road (right)Additional sign on road works ahead
    When wetWHEN WET - combined with the Slippery Road warning signNext distance (kilometer)Distance to next hazard area

Traffic Signs in the Philippines

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Important Notice

If you want to get a driver’s license one of the things that you should do is to prepare for the LTO Driver’s Examination. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines requires everyone who wants to have a driver’s license to undergo medical tests, LTO written and practical tests.


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