Professional Pool Players Who Have Tattoos

These tattooed players are champions as well

Professional Pool Players Who Have Tattoos
You might not notice, but these professional pool players have tattoos.

Do you know who are Tattooed Professional Pool Players? Don’t look any further. I’ve included a list of pool players with tattoos. If you are a pool fan you should know about it.

Here are the Professional Pool Players Who Have Tattoos


Jason Shaw

Jason Shaw won the World Blackball Championship in 2010. Shaw breaks the 14.1 world record with a 714 ball run, breaking John Schmidt's previous record of 626 balls in 2019, which was later found by the Billiard Congress of America to be only 699 balls.Jason Shaw
Born: September 13, 1988, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Age: 35
Nickname: "Eagle Eye"
World Champion: 8-Ball (2010)
Highest WPA ranking: 7
Pool games: Blackball, 8-Ball, Nine-Ball, 10-Ball


Johann Chua

Johann Gonzales Chua is a Filipino professional pool player from Bacolod, Philippines. Chua wins gold medal at 31st Southeast Asian Games in Hanoi, Vietnam beating Carlo Biado in the final.Johann Chua
Born: May 31, 1992, Bacolod
Age: 31
Nickname: "Bad Koi"
Pool games: 9-Ball, 10-Ball


Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher is a professional pool, snooker, and English billiards player from England. Fisher is a snooker world champion representing Great Britain. She also won a bronze medal in the World Games (9-ball) in 2013.Kelly Fisher
Born: August 25, 1978, South Elmsall, United Kingdom
Age: 45
Nickname: "KwikFire"
World Champion: WPA Nine-ball 2012; 2019


James Aranas

James Aranas is a professional Filipino pool player from the Philippines. He won several tournaments both locally and internationally.James Aranas
Born: April 29, 1992
Age: 31
Nickname: "Dodong Diamond"
Pool games: 9-ball, 10-ball


Lee Vann Corteza

Lee Vann Corteza is a professional pool player from the Philippines. He began playing pool in 1993 and is known as "Van Van."Lee Vann Corteza
Born: March 1, 1979
Age: 45
Nickname: "Van Van"
Pool games: 9-ball, 10-ball, one pocket


Christopher Tevez

Christopher Tevez is a professional pool player from Peru. Tevez is a 3-cushion champion before he played 9-ball pool in his career.Christopher Tevez
Champion: 3-Cushion
Pool games: 9-ball

United Kingdom FLAG

Chris Melling

Chris Melling is a professional English pool and snooker player. Melling has the most incredible run out in 8-ball Pool history against Mika Immonen of Finland.
Chris Melling
Born: January 27, 1979
Age: 45
Professional: 2000
World Champion: 8-Ball (2001, 2003)

Albania FLAG

Eklent Kaçi

Eklent Kaçi is a Pool and Snooker player from Albania. Kaçi won the WPA World 10-Ball Championship in 2021 and advanced to the WPA World Nine-Ball Championship semi-finals in 2017.Eklent Kaçi
Born: January 29, 1999
Age: 25
Professional: 2014
Highest WPA ranking: 1
Sport country: Albania

Italy FLAG

Daniele Corrieri

Daniele Corrieri is an Italian professional pool player. Corrieri had the best finish in the final 32 rounds of the European OPEN 2022, where he lost by a score of 10-6 to the eagle-eyed Jayson Shaw.Daniele Corrieri
Age: Unknown
Sport Country: Italy
Games: 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 8-Ball Pool

Switzerland FLAG

Ronald Regli

Ronald Regli was born in Switzerland and is of Filipino descent. Regli ranked 9th place at the 2022 European Open in Fulda, Germany.Ronald Regli
Born: December 12, 1985
Age: 38
Sport Country: Switzerland
Games: 9-Ball, 10-Ball


Tyler Styer

Tyler Styer is a professional American pool player from Vernon, Wisconsin. Styer represented the United States in both the 2018 and 2019 Mosconi Cups. Styer won the 2019 Kremlin World Cup after defeating David Alcaide in the final.Tyler Styer
Born: January 1, 1995
Age: 29
Pool-games: 9-ball, 10-ball

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

Francisco Sanchez Ruiz is a professional pool player from Spain. He won the recent 2022 US Open Pool Championship where he defeated Max Lechner 13-10.Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
Born: December 29, 1991
Age: 32
Country: Spain

Max Lechner

Max Lechner is a professional pool player from Austria. Lechner reached the final in the recent 2022 US Open Pool Championship where he lost 13-10 to Francisco Sanchez Ruiz.Max Lechner
Born: May 27, 1990
Age: 33
Nationality: Austrian
Pool games: 9-Ball

Who Are Left-Handed Pool Players?

I believe that lefties are overrepresented at the highest level of the Pool. You might be surprised to learn that these Pool players are all left-handed.

  • Jeff de Luna
  • Wu Jiaqing
  • Jayson Shaw
  • Joshua Filler
  • John Morra
  • Aloysius Yapp
  • Mieszko Fortuński
  • Mike Sigel
  • Steve Mizerak
  • Rodney Morris
  • Steve Frost
  • Thomas Engert
  • Shannon Dalton
  • Antonio Lining
  • Chezka Centeno
  • Konrad Juszczyszyn
  • Joey Tate

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