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The lockdown on the back of the coronavirus pandemic ruined a lot of plans already in place.

For some, that was business. For others, that was a pleasure: the pleasure of tying the nuptial knots with their significant other and spending some time away at a beautiful honeymoon location.

We also feel your pain, having seen a lot of weddings and arranged quite the exotic honeymoons ourselves.

However, all hope is not lost. With the vaccines here already and restrictions being lifted daily, everything looks to be getting back to normal at its own pace.

While planning, how about a look at some of the top honeymoon spots and luxury travel locations from home?

The Virtual Tour Experience

It is a socially distanced world but with virtual experiences, we bring you closer to your world of travel and luxurious adventures.

Every day, we share a series of experiences across different locations in the world for you to enjoy.

Whether you are more interested in the Aquilina Resorts & Spa out in Florida, would love to sunbathe with the elephants over at Anantara, or see what the magical Chilean landscape holds for you, we’ve got you covered.

By the time you are ready to travel and book your trips/ honeymoon/ events, you would have seen all there is to pique your interest about your location of choice.

Tips for Enjoying the Virtual Experiences

As this is an emerging system, there could be quite confusion in getting the best out of it. Not to worry, though; we’ve got you covered.

Do these:

Know what you want

What’s your location preference? What do you want to see, and what’s the purpose of your trip?

There is no limitation to how many virtual tours and travel guides you can go on. However, some are only run at certain times of the day and as such, you want to prioritize which one would be most beneficial to you.

Get the Tech Ready

Depending on how the content will be delivered, you might need to have some special tech ready.

Most often than not, you would only need a supported mobile device and a VR headset to make things happen. Sometimes, it is also advisable to have a VPN service handy so that you don’t run into any content Geoblocks when streaming your virtual tours.

Prepare to be amazed

This is a requirement.

You don’t want your mind too blown, so prepare to have the best time. We will still do our best to surprise you at every turn and corner of your virtual experience.

Wouldn’t you rather get started now?

Now is a great time to see what virtual tours we have for you which ones you can get on – and when they run.

That helps you fulfill the first requirement from above as you are on your way to a most memorable experience.

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