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Is converge fiber good or bad?

Converge Fiber X Reviews
Converge Fiber Internet Reviews

Converge Fiber Review

I applied for converge internet, and the technician called two weeks later to say he needed to check the area, and he promised to return the next day, but they never did.

I texted and called the technician, but there was no response. I send an email to Converge, and they respond that my application is being processed.

So, a week later, another technician came to our house to install the line, but after 30 minutes, he called to inform me that there was no available box and that they would have to install another box, which would take another week.

I received an email from Converge stating that they would not install my internet after another week of no response.


  • Initial Deposit
  • Security Deposit
  • Installation Fee of Php 2,500 (outright payment)
  • Installation Fee of  Php 3,000 (staggered payment)
Converge Fiber X

Converge ICT Information

Founded: 2007
Founder: Dennis Anthony H. Uy, Grace Y. Uy
Headquarters: Reliance IT Building, 99 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Products: Cable television, Broadband services
Industry: Communications services


Converge ICT is not only expensive, but its technicians are the worst. You must make an initial payment before they can install your internet. Second, you must pay a security deposit, which is quite expensive. It takes a lot of effort for you to use the Internet.

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  1. Converge maybe the top rated ISP provider, but when it comes to fixing/ maintenance sad to say they are bad. It takes time for them to respond. Visiting their office and even calls are not enough. I hope they do something about it for their customers satisfaction.


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