Coco Beach Resort
Most affordable Beach comes with FREE entrance

Are You Looking for the Cheapest Resort in Danao? then you’ve come to the right place! if you’re seeking the cheapest but with good reviews, Coco Beach Resort is perfect for you. It has all the amenities for the masses like a barbecue stand, and karaoke, and comes with free entrance. Yes you heard it right the entrance is FREE and the owner has a small sari-sari store so you won’t have to go to the other place just to find something to eat.

Sounds so good?

Coco Beach Resort Reunion
On Dec 05, 2021, we had our gatherings here. This place is perfect for everything like gatherings and reunions.

Don’t be confused: Coco Beach Resort is different from Coco Palms Resort

Coco Beach Resort Entrance
The Coco Beach Resort’s entrance

The Coco Beach Resort is located in Lo-oc Danao City, which is approximately 40-50 minutes from Cebu City.

Why Coco Beach?

  • Spacious Parking
  • Sheltered from bright sunlight (Shady Trees)
  • It can be rather windy at times
  • An owner is a pleasant person

Coco Beach Resort (What’s Inside)

For inquiries, you can contact these numbers 09678358726 / 09394315033.

Overall Conclusion

This place is a cheap beach resort so don’t expect too much but I guarantee you will have a perfect stay in this place without having to worry about the expenses.

Small Cottage: 350 PHP
Big Cottage: 1000 PHP
Contact: 09678358726 / 09394315033
Address: Lo-oc Danao City

Important Reminders

Beach will close at 6:00 PM

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the beach owner directly for updates.

Have you been to Coco Beach Resort? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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