Scenic view of Bohol Beach Club
A Serene Escape at Bohol Beach Club - A Review

Start an immersive journey to Bohol Beach Club as we explore the varied perspectives of travelers, uncovering the highs and lows that shape the experience in this enchanting Bohol paradise.


  1. Idyllic Setting: A postcard-perfect paradise featured in travel brochures, providing a captivating backdrop for a serene getaway.
  2. Helpful Staff: Guests laud the staff for their attentiveness and assistance across all facets of the resort.
  3. Spacious Chalets: Accommodations boast large chalets with expansive bathrooms, offering a comfortable retreat.
  4. Clean and Safe Beach: The beach is celebrated for its cleanliness and safety, creating a tranquil escape for guests.


  1. Limited Breakfast Time: Guests desiring a morning swim find a window between pool opening and breakfast closure, impacting food choices.
  2. Breakfast Quirks: Some guests found breakfast choices unusual, with variations in potato dishes and occasional odd selections.
  3. Extended Stay Challenges: While the majority enjoyed an excellent stay, a few guests felt they might have extended their visit a few nights too long.

Additional Insights from Guests

  1. Glorious Sunrises and Sunsets: The resort enhances the relaxing atmosphere by providing guests with stunning views.
  2. Clean Rooms and Comfortable Beds: Guests appreciate the spacious rooms’ cleanliness and the beds’ comfort.
  3. Efficient Snorkeling Equipment Rental: The resort offers affordable and efficient snorkeling equipment rental, enhancing the experience for underwater enthusiasts.
  4. Delightful Dining Experience: The on-site restaurant provides delicious food, and acoustic nights offer a charming entertainment bonus.
  5. Day Pass Considerations: Some visitors found the day pass fee relatively high, leading them to explore alternative options.
  6. Security and Check-out Incident: A guest mentioned an issue during check-out related to shuttle payment, highlighting a potential lapse in the system.
  7. Public Beach Access Restrictions: Some visitors expressed concerns about restricted access to parts of the beach, raising questions about public land use.
  8. Comparison with Other Resorts: A comparison with neighboring resorts like South Palms and Amorita emphasized potential shortcomings regarding services and additional charges.

Valuable Tips and Recommendations

  1. Optimal Breakfast Timing: Arrive early for breakfast if you enjoy a morning swim, as there’s a limited time window between pool opening and breakfast closing.
  2. Navigating Breakfast Choices: Embrace diverse breakfast options, including unique potato dishes like wedges or hash browns.
  3. Efficient Snorkeling Experience: Enjoy affordable and efficient snorkeling equipment rental to explore the clear waters around Bohol Beach Club.
  4. Exploring Acoustic Nights: Enhance your evenings by attending delightful acoustic nights to unwind and enjoy the musical ambiance.
  5. Comfortable Room Temperature: Experience the comfort of well-maintained rooms, where the temperature remains pleasantly cool even without the air conditioning.
  6. Inclusive Services: Make the most of inclusive services, such as complimentary beach towels and free shuttle service to the city, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable stay.
  7. Beach Cleanliness: While enjoying the beach, be mindful of cleanliness and follow the resort’s guidelines to contribute to the overall upkeep.
  8. Respect for Public Spaces: If venturing to neighboring beaches, be aware of and respect property boundaries, maintaining a positive and considerate approach to public spaces.
  9. Verification of Charges: During check-out, verify any charges carefully, ensuring that all prepayments and services align with the agreed-upon terms.
  10. Exploration Beyond the Resort: Consider exploring neighboring resorts like South Palms or Amorita for additional services, value for money, and various experiences.


Bohol Beach Club beckons travelers seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty and attentive service. To make your Bohol getaway memorable and fulfilling, guests can customize their stay based on personal preferences by exploring the diverse spectrum of experiences this destination offers.

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