The panoramic view of Marick Beach Resort shows the beach, pool, and lush surroundings.
The Charms and Challenges of Marick Beach Resort

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Marick Beach Resort, where we navigate through the highs and lows of this coastal retreat. While some praise it as a haven, others question the authenticity of the accolades. Let’s delve into the various perspectives to give you a well-rounded understanding.

Negative Feedback

Several visitors express dissatisfaction, citing concerns about fake reviews, a run-down environment, and subpar management. Guests report uncomfortable sleeping conditions, ranging from poor-quality pillows to unsecured windows. The lack of basic bathroom amenities and a less-than-impressive beach cleanup contribute to an overall negative experience. The presence of aggressive dogs adds to the discomfort, making safety a paramount concern.

Mixed Reviews

On a more positive note, families find Marick Beach Resort suitable for a day at the waterpark. Clean rooms, beautiful views, and an on-site restaurant earn points. The gated community with controlled entry ensures safety. However, there’s a disparity in experiences, with some praising the well-trained staff and picturesque property. In contrast, others question the professionalism of the management.

Positive Feedback

  • Guests appreciate the friendly and efficient staff, highlighting warm interactions with various departments.
  • The pool and beach areas receive commendation, along with the comfort of the rooms.
  • Special mention goes to accommodating staff members at the front desk, pool/beach, Salt restaurant, and the concierge.

Room Details

Detailed accounts of room experiences reveal a mixed bag. Some guests express gratitude for a granted bed preference. In contrast, others highlight issues like peeling mirrors, low water flow, and uncovered outlets. The resort’s responsiveness to requests, such as delivering a requested rag promptly, is acknowledged. Despite the absence of specific amenities and minor maintenance issues, guests appreciate the safety measures for kids.

  • Gratitude for Granted Bed Preference
  • Issues: Peeling Mirrors, Low Water Flow, Uncovered Outlets
  • Responsive Staff: Prompt Delivery of Requested Items
  • Appreciation for Kid-Friendly Safety Measures

Dining and Nearby Activities

The dining experience receives diverse reviews, compliments on delicious food, and criticisms of limited operating hours. Guests are encouraged to order before the early evening closure. Nearby activities, such as Cebu Safari, add to the overall appeal.

Additional Concerns

The discrepancy between advertised amenities on booking platforms and the actual offerings raises concerns. Complaints about cold and incomplete breakfast, untrained staff, outdated menu prices, and undisclosed service charges further contribute to a mixed perception.


Marick Beach Resort emerges as a destination with varied experiences, offering moments of delight alongside areas that demand improvement. This comprehensive review seeks to guide potential visitors in making informed decisions based on their preferences and priorities, whether they prioritize captivating views, waterpark fun, or concerns about cleanliness.

Valuable Recommendations and Tips

  1. Early Booking for Preferences: Contact the resort beforehand to ensure they accommodate your specific accommodation preferences.
  2. Communication for Special Requests: Don’t hesitate to communicate special requests or requirements in advance for an enhanced experience.
  3. Check for Updated Amenities: Verify listed amenities to ensure they align with expectations; contact the resort for clarification if needed.
  4. Dining Schedule Awareness: Be mindful of the dining schedule, ordering in advance, and knowing opening/closing times to avoid inconvenience.
  5. Prepare for Beach Activities: Bring essentials like towels, sunscreen, and toys for a comfortable and enjoyable beach experience.
  6. Stay Informed about Nearby Attractions: Familiarize yourself with nearby attractions, maximizing your stay and exploration.
  7. Double-check Reservation Details: Confirm reservation details for accuracy, including stay duration, amenities, and additional charges.
  8. Feedback and Communication: Communicate any issues promptly; constructive feedback helps the resort improve for future guests.
  9. Explore Safety Measures: Be aware of safety protocols, particularly when traveling with children, enhancing peace of mind.
  10. Flexible Water Usage: Be mindful of water usage, especially during peak times; inform staff of any water flow issues for a prompt resolution.


  • Cabana — P 1,200.00 (Good for 15 to 20 people)
  • Cottages — P 600.00 (Good for 8–12 people)
  • Table — P 500.00 (Good for five people)
  • Rooftop — P 5,000 (Good for 30 people)

Marick Beach Resort Information

  • Address: 3G Bantigue Street, Brgy. Luyang, Carmen, Philippines
  • Phone: 09055470939 | 09755504920
  • Email: [email protected]
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