A beachfront view of Be Resort Mactan, a tropical haven offering affordable luxury and a unique guest experience.
Be Resort Mactan's Unique Blend of Luxury and Quirks

Be Resort Mactan, nestled on the picturesque shores, offers more than just a beautiful view. This comprehensive review unveils the highs and lows of this tropical haven.

Spectacular Views and Impeccable Service

  • Breathtaking Views: The deck area provides panoramic views that redefine the meaning of relaxation.
  • Affordability with Quality: Be Resort Mactan proves that affordability can coexist with quality, delivering a luxurious experience.
  • Smiling Staff: The staff’s warm smiles and impeccable service elevate the stay.

Floating Fun and Delectable Budol Package

  • Excellent Service and Amenities: The resort’s commitment to exceptional service and top-notch amenities stands out.
  • Beach Playground: Including floaters transforms the beach into an exciting playground.
  • Must-Try Budol Package: Indulge in the must-try Budol package, offering a delightful array of fruits and meats.

Service Glitches and Waiting Problems

  • Communication Delays: Guests have reported delays in check-in communication, impacting the initial experience.
  • Prolonged Waiting: Instances of prolonged waiting times at Salt Restaurant and during dinner have been noted.
  • Service Lapses: Peak dinner times revealed service lapses, causing patron dissatisfaction.

Limited Beach Hours and Service Hiccups

  • Restrictive Beach Hours: Criticism has been directed at the restrictive beach hours, limiting the enjoyment of the sea.
  • Slow Service: Slow service during dinner hours has been a recurring issue, affecting the overall dining experience.

Consistent Cleanliness and Enjoyable Amenities

  • Cleanliness Excellence: The resort consistently maintains cleanliness, creating a pleasant environment.
  • Amenities Catering to All: The resort’s amenities cater to a diverse audience, from adults to older children.
  • Culinary Delights: Praise is unanimous for the delectable food served in bars and restaurants.

Room, Service, and Check-in Insights

  • Room Quality: Rooms meet expectations for the price, offering a comfortable stay.
  • Service Challenges: Guests have faced waiting periods for requests, and check-in deposit processes have room for improvement.
  • Varying Check-out Experiences: Check-out experiences vary, with some guests finding the process smoother than others.

Five-Star Service Despite Ratings

Contrary to its perceived three-star status, the resort impresses with five-star service. Guests commend the friendly staff, tidy rooms, and enjoyable beach activities. The floating park adds a touch of excitement, ensuring a fun-filled stay.

Mixed Bag of Experiences

Guests praise the cleanliness, friendly staff, and transportation availability, but some complain about outdated decor. The delicious food and complimentary shuttle service to the city earn appreciation.

Mixed Impressions

A multi-day stay brings varied experiences. The pool, though enjoyable, contrasts with the polluted sea. Positive notes include excellent service, a tasty breakfast, and a visually stunning pool area. However, guests caution against swimming in the dirty sea.

Room Quality and Maintenance Challenges

A detailed review reveals a mix of good and not-so-good aspects. The pool and breakfast shine, but there’s a nuanced side with maintenance concerns such as unclean ocean kayaking and outdated decor.

Final Verdict

Be Resort Mactan is where you can enjoy the sun and have a great time, but there are some things to remember about the service. It’s affordable and has fantastic amenities, making it a good option for a quick tropical getaway. Each guest’s experience is different, whether they are soaking up the sun or dealing with some service quirks.

Be Resort Mactan Information

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