Top 5 Best IT Schools in Cebu

List of universities and colleges offering Information Technology (IT) courses.

Asian College of Technology
Asian College of Technology is one of the Top Schools for IT Education.

Are you looking for the Best IT Schools in Cebu? Then this is the right place for you. After completing high school, choosing the right decision about the course and school you want to pursue becomes crucial. Information Technology appears more proactive, so I have compiled a list of the top 5 best IT schools in Cebu that you may consider enrolling in soon.

Information Technology (IT) encompasses the study of designing, developing, implementing, supporting, or managing computer-based information systems, specifically focusing on software applications and computer hardware.

Here are the Top 5 Best IT Schools in Cebu

  1. AMA College

    AMA College Cebu

    AMA College Cebu should be on the top of our list. AMA is Asia’s pioneer and largest IT University. This school is the leading computer programming and robotics in the Philippines.

    The College of Computer Studies offers courses such as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

    Address: AMA Bldg., 46 S. Cabahug, Cor. Pres. Roxas St. Casals Village, Mabolo, Cebu City, 6000, Cebu
    Phone: (032) 340 6461

  2. Cebu Institute of Technology University

    Cebu Institute of Technology

    It is the center of excellence in Information Technology (IT). The Cebu Institute of Technology, a private and non-sectarian university, is dedicated to offering both primary and higher education rooted in general and technological studies in the Philippines. Wikipedia

    Address: Natalio B. Bacalso Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
    President: Engr. Bernard Nicholas E. Villamor
    Motto: “CIT-University Tops Again!”
    Founded: 1946
    Colors: Maroon, Gold
    Telephone: 261-7741
    Fax: 261-7743
    Tuition fees: ₱19,500-34,000 per year

  3. Asian College of Technology

    Asian College of Technology

    Asian College of Technology is no doubt the third-best IT school in Cebu. With numerous awards from the past, the ACT is the best choice when it comes to Information Technology. The Asian College of Technology, a private college in the Philippines, operates under the International Educational Foundation. 

    Address: Pantaleon del Rosario St., Cebu City, Cebu
    Founder: Rodrigo A. Abellanosa
    Founded: 1988
    Motto: Sapientia Est Potestas (Wisdom is Power)
    Contact: +63 (32) 238 2380

  4. Informatics College Cebu

    Informatics Computer Institute

    Informatics College Cebu is the most preferred and leading private educational institution offering IT-enhanced programs that transform students into globally competitive individuals who can be innovators of the world. Established in 1983, the multinational corporation, The Informatics Group, provides lifelong learning services in information technology and business management. Listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore, the multinational corporation, The Informatics Group, was established in 1983 and provides lifelong learning services in information technology and business management.

    Address: C.L. Benedicto Bldg. J. De Vera Street, Cebu City
    Phone: +63-32-231-0380
    Fax: +63-32-231-0384
    Tuition fees:  ₱48,000-87,000 per year
    Email: [email protected]

  5. University of San Jose–Recoletos

    University of San Jose Recoletos

    The University of San Jose–Recoletos, formerly Colegio de San Jose–Recoletos, is a private research and Catholic university founded in 1947 in Cebu City, Philippines, by the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

    Address: Magallanes Street, 6000, Cebu City, Philippines
    Motto: “Breaking Barriers, Empowering Lives” “Caritas et Scientia” (Charity and Science) “Quality Christian Community Oriented Education” “Only the best is good enough for San Jose” “Adelante!”
    Founded: 1947
    Mascot: Jaguar
    Phone: (032) 253 7900
    Colors: Green, Yellow, Gold
    Affiliations: Catholic Church, Order of Augustinian Recollects
    Tuition fees: (Bachelor’s ₱50,000-60,000) (Master’s ₱22,000-38,000) per year
    Contact: (63-32) 253-7900
    Email: [email protected]


All these schools offer quality education; it’s about how you apply your learning in school and continue studying at home. While home is often considered the best education, modern technology allows you to learn by watching YouTube videos or searching on Google. I recommend the Asian College of Technology (ACT) for your IT education. I prefer it not just because I graduated from this school, but because I believe it offers an excellent education at a reasonable price.

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