A captivating aerial view of Camayan Beach Resort unfolds, framed by lush greenery and pristine shores, showcasing the epitome of luxury in Subic.
Camayan Beach Resort: A Tapestry of Luxury Amidst Nature's Beauty

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Camayan Beach Resort, an unparalleled haven nestled in the heart of Subic. As we navigate the narratives of delighted guests, we get ready to witness the convergence of luxury, natural beauty, and impeccable service that sets Camayan apart as Subic’s ultimate escape.

A Luxury Resort in Subic Bay, Philippines

  1. Superb Service and Smiles

    Nestled in Subic, Camayan Beach Resort boasts impeccable service and genuinely friendly staff, always adorned with welcoming smiles. The resort’s commitment to excellence is evident, making it a standout destination.
  2. A Pricey Yet Priceless Experience

    While acknowledging the higher price tag, guests unanimously agree that Camayan Beach Resort is worth every penny. The investment translates into a relaxing and memorable beach experience, establishing the resort as a premier choice in Subic.
  3. Top-Notch Standards

    Guests applaud the resort’s top-tier standards, from lovely and well-maintained decor to the kindness and integrity displayed by the entire staff. The resort’s visual appeal, cleanliness, and integrity contribute to an elevated experience for every visitor.
  4. Suite Serenity and Culinary Quirks

    A couple booking a suite for a two-night stay had mixed impressions. While the room’s size and patio were terrific, a need for maintenance and upgrades emerged. However, culinary adventures at The Reef restaurant raised eyebrows due to service hiccups, emphasizing room for improvement.
  5. Family Getaway Delights

    Despite the bit of travel time, families find the resort worth the journey. Positioned around a nature reserve and marine sanctuary, the promise of swimming with fish in crystal-clear waters elevates the overall experience, creating cherished memories.
  6. Customer Service Check

    While room service and restaurant staff receive praise for their accommodation and pleasant demeanor, the front desk’s customer service undergoes scrutiny. Suggestions for refining interactions and enhancing courtesy during check-out emerge as areas for improvement.
  7. Returning Guests Speak

    Frequent visitors express their loyalty to Camayan Beach Resort, emphasizing the anticipation of future returns. Despite dated rooms, the variety-packed restaurant/bar and warm pool water provide a consistently enjoyable experience, even when the weather hampers planned activities.
  8. The Nostalgic Charm of an Old Subic Icon

    As one of Subic’s older establishments, Camayan Beach Resort retains a nostalgic charm with picturesque waterside views. While the need for updates is acknowledged, the resort’s unique appeal endures, making it a memorable day tour destination.
  9. Affordable Beauty

    Affordability meets beauty at Camayan Beach Resort, with friendly staff, including the commendable Kristal. While Wi-Fi experiences sporadic hiccups, the natural attraction lies in the nearby Ocean Adventure, enhancing the overall value of the resort.


Camayan Beach Resort, with its scenic beauty and warm hospitality, continues to be a sought-after destination in Subic. Despite areas for improvement, its unique charm, friendly staff, and proximity to Ocean Adventure make it a compelling choice for those seeking an unforgettable getaway.

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