Experience the captivating scenery at Hotel 45 Beach Resort.
A Glimpse of Tranquility: Hotel 45 Beach Resort

Let’s discover the highs and lows of your potential stay at Hotel 45 Beach Resort with this candid review, covering dining delights, room experiences, scenic views, and areas for improvement.

Dining Pleasures at Hotel 45 Beach Resort

To indulge in a budget-friendly culinary experience at Hotel 45 Beach Resort’s restaurant for an affordable 1,400 Pesos. My family of four relished delectable dishes. The amiable staff further enriched our dining enjoyment.

Ambiance Considerations and Recommendations

While consistently delivering on taste, the overall ambiance of Hotel 45 Beach Resort presents an opportunity for enhancement. A potential investment in aesthetic improvements could transform the atmosphere, providing a more refined and enjoyable guest experience.

Booking Efficiency and Room Insights

Experience seamless booking with a responsive online assistant. The rooms, though modest, offer suitable accommodation for a brief stay. However, those expecting Instagram-worthy aesthetics should temper their expectations. The resort’s highlight is noteworthy: the infinity pool with a captivating beach view. Complimentary breakfast is an added perk, though an unexpected mattress raised eyebrows.

Management Vigilance and Noise Control

The resort benefits from more stringent rule enforcement, particularly in noise control. Our encounter with boisterous neighbors during curfew hours underscored the importance of effective management policies.

Scenic Vistas and Surfing Opportunities

Despite some signs of wear and tear, Hotel 45 Beach Resort boasts mesmerizing ocean views and well-maintained pools. Although not directly on the beach, easy access to the sea is available. Though not within walking distance of the main town, the location offers a relaxed ambiance. Friendly staff and in-room Wi-Fi contribute positively to the overall experience.

Cleanliness and Maintenance Matters

Some cleanliness and upkeep issues slightly diminished the enjoyment. The resort highlighted the importance of the working air conditioning as a positive aspect.

Final Verdict

Hotel 45 Beach Resort stands as a potential hidden gem awaiting refinement. Despite its imperfections, the positives, including friendly staff, scenic views, and delightful cuisine, outshine the drawbacks. For those seeking a laid-back retreat with room for improvement, Hotel 45 Beach Resort proves to be an enjoyable destination.

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