x10Hosting is one of the oldest free hosting providers on the internet that you can count on for your website success.

If you are here because you are looking for the best free hosting site, then you are in the right place. I’m going to tell you a secret that not everybody else knows. I’m going to tell the top 3 best free Webhosting that still exists today. Yes, you heard me right. Trust me I have tested them for years and never fail me to disappoint. With that being said. So let’s get it on…

Here is the Top 3 Best Free Webhosting: Tested 100% Free Forever

  1. x10Hosting


    x10Hosting is a web hosting company that was founded in 2004. One of the oldest free hosting providers on the internet and creating your free web hosting account today is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, be online in minutes. A Cloud Hosted with cPanel and full PHP Support. Cloud hosting that’s free and unlimited.

    Flexible Web Hosting

    We use only top-of-the-range enterprise server hardware, premium networks, industry-leading private cloud software, and the cPanel control panel to bring your website to the world − very fast, completely free.

    • Easy upgrades as your needs expand
    • User-friendly

    1-Click Software Installation

    WordPress? Joomla? MyBB? Our servers have over 300 one-click installers to make setting up software quick and easy. Never again follow install guides and documentation – let our cloud do it all for you.

    • 300+ one-click installs, including all popular third-party scripts

    Advanced Web Hosting Tools

    Our web hosting control panel is packed full of powerful features to make managing your website quick and easy. We provide you with full access to the latest cPanel X3 control panel and also a simplified in-house developed alternative − x10Hosting Basic − for those just starting out.

    • Easy file uploads, edits & more via FTP
    • Manage MySQL databases via PHPMyAdmin
    • Configure email inboxes and domains

    Support & Upgrades

    If you’re stuck on a problem while building your site we offer complimentary forum-based support with our community of experienced webmasters. We offer Prime and x10Premium account upgrades that provide you with immediate attention from our full-time support team.

    • More than 10 years of experience
    • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
    • 100% in-house, English support team


    In my own experience, this hosting is rock solid when I say it I mean it. Today, I can say that x10Hosting is the best free Webhosting out there you can trust for your website. My website is hosted with x10hosting since 2016 and until now it still kicking like a beast mode with free support from the community like no one else has. No doubt this is the number 1 free hosting on the planet that I can fully recommend to you all guys. All tech support is through their forums, and I usually have an answer within the day or 2, If Not sooner. Kudos to such a great hosting company. If you want reviews, you can check this link.


    You have to log in at least every month to keep your account active since then you are good to go and have amazing free hosting services like no other.

  2. GoogieHost


    GoogieHost offers ultimate free hosting services packed with our most popular cPanel “DirectAdmin” to manage your site’s files, along with our free web hosting Website builder, Webmail, SSD boosted Attracta SEO Tools, Fast MySQL Databases, and Many more unique things.

    1000MB SSD Storage

    Now you can host unlimited numbers of website files, every free hosting comes with 1000MB SSD boosted space.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Don’t worry even if you have good traffic on your website or blog, we offer Unlimited bandwidth with 100MBPS uplink.

    Absolutely Free! No ads

    We don’t place ads on your website its 100% yours and you can monetize your websites to make some dollars from ads.

    Free Business Emails

    Create free professional e-mail accounts for your friends and employees without paying any extra charges for that.

    Free Subdomains

    You can always create an unlimited subdomain using any of our domains that are already available in your hosting account for free.

    2 MySQL Databases

    We do not have any limits for MySQL, with GoogieHost MySQL database support is included with all free hosting accounts!

    2 FTP Accounts

    Manage your website FileZilla or any other FTP client using your FTP account details which comes with no limit here.

    Free Website Builder

    Create a professional look website even if you do not have special coding or programming knowledge with our Site.pro Website Builder.

    Free Website Templates

    We have a large number of website HTML templates, you can easily download them from your control panel and re-upload them after editing.

    Free CMS Installers

    Our Softaculous Auto Installer comes with 300+ popular scripts, you could install WordPress, Joomla, SMF, etc in just one click.

    Online File Manager

    We have 2 different File Managers which allow you to manage your files effectively, FileManager2 is featured by Net2FTP.

    SSH, PHP all versions

    We offer SSH access to your website and 3 latest versions of PHP to choose from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.0.1 which is the latest version of PHP.

    Spam Protection

    To protect your websites and our server we provide Spam protection, These features make GoogieHost the best of other free hosts.

    Free Helpdesk Support

    Our team is ready to solve your queries 24X7 however we currently offer ticket support options only, we will launch chat soon.

    Hotlink Protection

    Protect your website files from being copied using our hotlink protection feature which normally comes with premium hosting plans.


    GoogieHost is another outstanding hosting company that offers free hosting services that I can also recommend to you all. With lots of solid features, you can’t go wrong with this hosting.

  3. HelioHost


    HelioHost is an industry-leading free web host. With an extensive feature set and three years of experience under our belt, we are looking to change the entire web hosting industry by offering a plan that beats out even paid web hosts.

    HelioHost was started and continues to be operated and supported by a job. Kyougi helps around the forums and is our number two. If you want to contact either, please PM them on support forums. Note that support is operated exclusively through forum threads – support requests through PM will be deleted.

    Hosting Features

    We are one of the very few free web hosts on the web to offer ASP.NET 3.5 scripting with our free hosting package. We use the Mono Project to provide this service, and our installation is compatible with both the C# and Visual BASIC programming languages

    Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails is a revolutionary new web development framework based on the Ruby programming language. This framework allows easy Web 2.0 application development through extensive prebuilt libraries and highly recyclable code.

    Python is a popular scripting language that offers a comprehensive library of functions to allow programmers to focus on design. We also offer the Django framework built on top of Python for powerful web application development.

    JavaServer Pages

    JSP is a new internet application development platform from the makers of Java. JSP greatly simplifies web development by offering numerous shortcuts while retaining all the power of the previous Java servlet technology.

    HelioHost offers compatibility with the latest Perl 5 programming language. Perl is one of the most popular programming languages for web development and offers powerful string processing capabilities.

    MySQL is the most popular database engine for open-source web applications. Unlike almost all other free hosts, which limit the number of MySQL databases each user can host, HelioHost enables its users to take full advantage of the MySQL database engine.

    HelioHost offers the PostgreSQL database engine, self-dubbed “the world’s most advanced open-source database”. PostgreSQL is a popular alternative database for many web applications and is a favorite of power users.

    HelioHost employs the industry-leading cPanel software as its web hosting control panel. This system provides a high level of functionality to webmasters while significantly simplifying their job.

    Web Space
    HelioHost offers 500 megabytes of web space with each of its hosting accounts. This figure combines your stored files and your databases. 500 megabytes should be more than enough to handle any forum, blog, or other scripts you might need to host. Sites that might encounter problems with this limit include photo galleries with high-megapixel images or online storage sites. In general, this limit should not be a problem for the great majority of free hosting users.

    File Management
    HelioHost offers three options for file management: FTP access, WebDAV, and an advanced File Manager built into your control panel. We allow each user to set up unlimited FTP accounts. Since FTP accounts place no burden on our server, we see no reason to restrict them. Our File Manager includes a code editor with syntax highlighting and countless other features.

    HelioHost does not meter its users’ bandwidth consumption. This is in essence “unlimited bandwidth”. However, please note that if you start pushing in huge amounts of traffic you will undoubtedly push your limits on resources we do meter, such as CPU usage.

    HelioHost is the only exclusively free host we know of that owns its own hardware. Most hosts these days rent dedicated servers for their customers, but HelioHost actually owns Stevie, our server. Thanks to a generous offer from L.I.S. Colocation, we are able to host Stevie at the Hurricane Electric facility in Fremont, California. Hurricane Electric is ranked number one in reliability among data centers and is ranked among the top ten facilities in terms of bandwidth connectivity. Stevie is a quad-core rackmount server with eight gigabytes of RAM and an entire terabyte of disk space.

    Apache is the most popular web server software for a reason. It has consistently been proven to be a reliable yet powerful solution for web hosting, and as a consequence is utilized by approximately 60% of the web. HelioHost employs Apache 2.2.15, the latest version of the project, for its performance improvements as well as for its multi-processing modules. Installed Apache modules at HelioHost including FCGID, Frontpage, Include (SSI), Headers, Rewrite, and suPHP.

    cPanel 11 is the industry-leading control panel for web hosting. With tools to manage FTP, email, and databases as well as file managers and statistics software, cPanel is equipped to completely handle all hosting account management you may need to do. Not only is cPanel easy to use with video tutorials and wizards for common tasks, but it is also extremely powerful. With 70 tools built into an organized Web 2.0 interface, you will be able to accomplish any webmaster tasks in just a couple of minutes. Once you use cPanel, you won’t be able to go back.

    Softaculous is an automated script installation tool that is gaining popularity in the web hosting industry. With the option to install over 150 open source scripts in just three clicks, Softaculous greatly simplifies a webmaster’s job. Supported scripts include WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, and MediaWiki.

    FrontPage Server Extensions
    For those who still use Microsoft FrontPage for their web authoring needs, we offer FrontPage Server Extensions. This means that you can develop directly on our server with FrontPage.


    Heliohost is a great free hosting company that offers absolutely no ads. They offer many, many free perks that most companies would charge for. I have never had any major issues with this hosting company. Once you’ve registered with HelioHost you are good to go no need to log in once a month or so.

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Those are your top 3 Best Free Webhosting sites tested and free forever. If you have something to say let us know in the comment section below!

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