Top 10 Most Popular YouTuber in Australia
Discovering the Aussie Influencers Taking the Online World by Storm

Australia has the best community of talented YouTubers who produce entertaining content in various categories such as comedy, beauty, and gaming. With their unique personalities and style, they have built large followings among audiences both locally and globally. These are The top 10 famous YouTubers in Australia who have gained popularity for their entertaining videos and collaborations with brands.

1Bounce Patrol@bouncepatrolJanuary 1, 2013
2Chloe Ting@ChloeTingAugust 17, 2011
3LazarBeam@LazarBeamJanuary 5, 2015
4CKN@CKNToysMarch 28, 2015
5HowToBasic@HowToBasicJuly 8, 1994
6Lachlan@lachlanAugust 25, 1995
7How Ridiculous@howridiculousSeptember 9, 2009
8JoshDub@joshdubJuly 31, 2013
9Muselk@MrMuselkNovember 22, 1994
10The Rybka Twins@TheRybkaTwinsJanuary 25, 2012

The Aussie YouTubers Making Waves: A Ranking of the Top 10 Most Followed Creators

10. The Rybka Twins


The Rybka Twins also known as Alina and Katia, are popular gymnasts and social media influencers known for their impressive acrobatic skills and synchronized gymnastics routines. The Rybka Twins have become a sensation on social media, capturing the hearts and admiration of fans from around the world.

Twins: Alina and Katia
Profession: Gymnasts, Influencers
Email: [email protected]
Nationality: Australian

The Rybka Twins

9. Muselk


Ellis Ludkins better known as Muselk is a popular YouTube content creator known for his entertaining and humorous gaming videos. Muselk has a million subscribers that enjoy watching him play a variety of popular video games.

Real name: Elliott Watkins
Born: November 22, 1994
Age: 29
Email: [email protected]


8. JoshDub


JoshDub is a popular YouTuber known for his entertaining and humorous gaming videos. JoshDub has built a large following of fans who enjoy his energetic and engaging commentary as he plays a wide variety of video games.

Real name: Joshua Wanders
Born: October 11, 1990
Age: 33
Email: [email protected]


7. How Ridiculous


How Ridiculous is a YouTube channel that showcases a group of friends attempting to perform and record ridiculous stunts, ranging from extreme sports to wacky challenges. They have become quickly popular YouTubers all around the world because of their high-flying antics and impressive trick shots.

Names: Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, Scott Gaunson and Jack Wallace
Email: [email protected]

How Ridiculous

6. Lachlan


Lachlan is a talented and charismatic YouTube content creator best known for his entertaining gaming videos and vlogs. He has a passion for entertaining and engaging with his audience and his warm and humorous personality shines through in every video he creates.

Born: August 25, 1995
Age: 28
Email: [email protected]


5. HowToBasic


HowToBasic is a YouTube channel that features absurd and humorous how-to videos that typically involve strange and absurd instructions that result in comedic and bizarre outcomes. HowToBasic has built a large following of fans who enjoy its humor and irreverent take on the typical how-to format.

Real name: Aaron Jackson
Born: July 8, 1994
Age: 28
Email: [email protected]


4. CKN


CKN also known as the Cheung Twins, are two adorable twin brothers from Canada who are popular on YouTube for their fun and playful videos. Their channel features a variety of content including toy unboxing and challenges all with a focus on entertaining and delighting young audiences.

Name: Calvin (Born: December 20, 2011 [Age: 12])
Name: Kaison (Born: October 10, 2015 [Age: 8])
Email: [email protected]


3. LazarBeam


Lannan Eacott better known as LazarBeam is an entertaining and humorous gaming content creator on YouTube. He is best known for his entertaining commentaries on popular video games as well as his creative and hilarious skits and vlogs.

Full name: Lannan Neville Eacott
Born: December 14, 1994
Age: 29
Email: [email protected]


2. Chloe Ting


Chloe Ting is a popular fitness influencer and content creator known for her workout videos and health and wellness advice. Chloe empowers and inspires her millions of fans to live active and healthy lifestyles with her encouraging and approachable attitude.

Born: April 9, 1986
Age: 38
Email: [email protected]

Chloe Ting

1. Bounce Patrol


Bounce Patrol is a dynamic group of musicians and entertainers who specialize in creating high energy including educational videos for children. Bounce Patrol offers young children an engaging and participatory method to learn and play through its catchy original melodies and upbeat dance routines.

Members: Jacinta, Jackson, Alyssa, Will and Rachel

Bounce Patrol


The Top 10 famous YouTubers in Australia have made a significant impact on the platform and beyond. These creators have captivated audiences with their unique content and personalities that have become household names in the online community. Their success serves as inspiration for other aspiring content creators who want to follow in their footsteps. The importance of creativity together with hard work and persistence in building a successful YouTube career.

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