Top 10 Hardcore Action Movies of All Time
Mad Max: Fury Road is the best action movie according to movie industry

do you like action movies? Then take a look at our list of the top ten action movies of all time. You’ll undoubtedly be involved in the action. The best action movies you may not have seen before are listed below.

Out of hundreds, there are only 10 best action movies that stand out

    1. Apocalypto (2006)

      Apocalypto (2006)

      The Mayan kingdom is at the pinnacle of its opulence and power, but the empire’s foundations are crumbling. The leaders believe that if they do not construct more temples and sacrifice more people, their crops and citizens will perish. Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood), a peaceful hunter from a remote tribe, is captured in a raid, along with his entire village. He is set to be sacrificed until he makes a daring escape and tries to return to his pregnant wife and son.

    2. The Raid: Redemption (2011)

      The Raid: Redemption (2011)

      A rookie member of an elite team of commandos, Rama (Iko Uwais) is instructed to hang back while his comrades-in-arms go ahead with their mission to take down a brutal crime lord called Tama (Ray Sahetapy). The team’s cover is blown, however, and Tama offers sanctuary to every criminal in his high-rise apartment building in exchange for the cops’ heads. To complete – and survive – the mission, Rama must take command and lead his remaining team on an ultraviolent charge through the building.

    3. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

      Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

      Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to avert an epic disaster. Arms dealer John Lark and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles intend to launch a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem, and Mecca, Saudi Arabia, using three plutonium cores. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

    4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

      Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

      An epic story about an intrepid archaeologist attempting to beat a band of Nazis to a unique religious relic that is central to their plans for global dominance. Battling a snake phobia and a vengeful ex-girlfriend, Indiana Jones is constantly in danger, making hair-breadth escapes at every turn in this ode to the innocent adventure films of yore.

    5. Shanghai Noon (2000)

      Shanghai Noon (2000)

      Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) works as an Imperial guard in the Forbidden City of China. When Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu) is kidnapped, Wang pursues her kidnappers to Nevada, where he meets Roy O’Bannon, a good-natured thief and occasional cowboy (Owen Wilson). Using O’Bannon’s love of money, Wang convinces him to help recover the princess, and together the two form a curious partnership — the likes of which the West has never seen.

    6. Hard-Boiled (1992)

      Hard-Boiled (1992)

      After losing his partner in a shootout with gun smugglers, a cop embarks on a mission to apprehend them. To get closer to the ring’s leaders, he teams up with an undercover cop who works as a gangster hitman. They use all forms of excessive force to track them down.

    7. The Matrix (1999)

      The Matrix (1999)

      Neo (Keanu Reeves) is the elusive character considered to be the most dangerous man in life, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) answers his question, “What is The Matrix?” I believe I can do it. Neo is contacted by a beautiful stranger, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and leads him into the underground world where he meets Morpheus. They are fighting for their lives against a horde of viciously intelligent secret agents. It is a truth that could cost Neo more than just his life.

    8. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

      Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

      Set 11 years after the terminator, this sequel transforms the young John Connor (Edward Furlong), the key to the civilization’s victory over future robotic rebellions, into a future-created terminator. Robert Patrick)’s target. Kill him. Another Terminator, the redesigned T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), has been dispatched to protect the child. As John and his mother (Linda Hamilton) flee with the T-800, the boy develops an unexpected bond with the machine.

    9. Die Hard (1988)

      Die Hard (1988)

      On Christmas Eve, New York City cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) pays a visit to his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and two daughters. He accompanies her to a Christmas party at the headquarters of the Japanese company where she works. However, the celebration is interrupted by an exclusive skyscraper and a group of terrorists who take over everyone in it. Soon, McLean realizes that no one but him can save the hostages.

    10. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

      Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

      Years after civilization has collapsed, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors within the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior emperor Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads Despot’s five wives in a bold escape, she forms an alliance with the lonely and former prisoner Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy). Mounted on a giant armored truck, the War Rig, they attempt to overtake a ruthless warlord and his men in a deadly high-speed chase across wastelands.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD]


If you’re a die-hard action movie fan and haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), you’re missing out. I recommend you watch it and then thank me later. This is by far the best action film I’ve ever seen.

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