Top 10 Countries for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
Filipinos in pursuit of global career opportunities

The list of the top 10 countries Filipinos want to work in provides valuable insights into the preferred destinations for overseas employment. These countries offer various opportunities across different industries. Filipinos are attracted to these countries for better job prospects, higher wages, favorable working conditions, and quality of life.

Top 10 countries where Filipinos often aspire to work

  1. Canada

    With its welcoming immigration policies, Canada offers attractive job prospects with a high standard of living and a multicultural environment that appeals to many Filipinos. Canada has emerged as a highly sought-after work destination for Filipinos, offering a promising job market and attractive career prospects. With its thriving economy, welcoming work environment, and favorable immigration policies, Canada provides opportunities for Filipino professionals to build successful and fulfilling careers. The allure of Canada lies in its reputation for valuing diversity, providing competitive wages, and prioritizing work-life balance, making it an appealing choice for Filipinos looking to work abroad.
  2. Australia

    Australia offers opportunities in various industries, especially in healthcare, engineering, and skilled trades. Australia stands out as a desirable work destination for Filipinos, known for its robust job market, high standard of living, and diverse employment opportunities. Australia offers a welcoming environment for Filipino professionals seeking career growth and a better quality of life with its strong economy, favorable working conditions, and multicultural society. Australia’s attractive work-life balance, competitive salaries, and emphasis on work safety make it an appealing choice for Filipinos looking to explore new opportunities abroad.
  3. New Zealand

    Known for its natural beauty and quality education system, New Zealand attracts Filipinos in different sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, and IT, offering a balanced lifestyle and career growth. New Zealand captures the attention of Filipinos as a sought-after destination for employment, known for its pristine natural landscapes, inclusive society, and promising job prospects. Renowned for its work-life balance and commitment to sustainability, New Zealand offers Filipinos a chance to experience a high quality of life while pursuing rewarding careers. New Zealand presents an appealing option for Filipinos seeking new opportunities and a fresh start in a vibrant and picturesque setting.
  4. United States

    Known for its diverse opportunities and higher wages, the United States is a popular choice for Filipino professionals seeking career growth and better living standards. The United States is a top choice for Filipinos seeking work opportunities abroad, renowned for its economic power, diverse industries, and potential for career growth. With its vast job market, advanced infrastructure, and multicultural society, the U.S. offers Filipinos a chance to broaden their horizons and realize their professional aspirations. The United States provides a dynamic environment that attracts Filipinos searching for new experiences, cultural diversity, and the potential for a prosperous future.
  5. Japan

    Japan has an appealing option for Filipinos due to its secure economy, technical breakthroughs, and prospects in information technology, engineering, healthcare, and manufacturing. Filipinos love Japan because of its unusual blend of vibrant culture, cutting-edge inventions, and recognized job prospects. This country presents an alluring destination for Filipinos seeking a distinctive cultural immersion and the chance to advance their careers in a globally influential nation with a strong emphasis on discipline, innovation, and respect for traditions.
  6. Singapore

    Renowned as a global financial and business hub, Singapore attracts Filipinos with its competitive job market, higher salaries, and excellent work-life balance. Singapore stands as an attractive option for Filipinos seeking employment opportunities abroad. Renowned for its robust economy, efficient infrastructure, and diverse industries, Singapore offers a conducive environment for professional growth. With its reputation for safety, cleanliness, and multiculturalism, coupled with a strong emphasis on education and innovation, Singapore provides a promising destination to explore new career prospects and experience a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  7. Germany

    Germany is an attractive option for Filipinos seeking employment, especially in engineering, healthcare, information technology, and skilled trades. Germany is the destination for Filipinos aspiring to work abroad due to its strong economy, high living standards, and ample job opportunities. Known for its technological advancements, world-class education system, and emphasis on work-life balance, Germany offers a favorable environment for career development and personal growth. With its rich cultural heritage, diverse cities, and efficient infrastructure, Filipinos can enjoy a quality lifestyle while contributing to Germany’s thriving industries, such as engineering, technology, healthcare, and finance.
  8. United Kingdom

    The UK is a favored destination for Filipinos, particularly in healthcare, education, finance, and IT, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and employment opportunities. The United Kingdom is a popular choice for Filipinos seeking work opportunities abroad. With its diverse job market, strong economy, and cultural diversity, the UK offers a range of career prospects in various sectors, including healthcare, education, finance, and information technology. Filipinos can benefit from the country’s high living standards, excellent healthcare system, and world-renowned universities, making the UK an attractive destination for professional growth and personal development.
  9. Saudi Arabia

    domestic work, due to the demand for overseas workers. Saudi Arabia is a sought-after destination for Filipinos seeking employment opportunities. Filipinos are going to Saudi Arabia for its competitive salaries, tax-free income, and opportunities for career advancement. However, it is crucial for individuals considering work in Saudi Arabia to be aware of the cultural differences, strict regulations, and the need to abide by the local laws and customs.
  10. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    The UAE offers employment opportunities across industries, including oil and gas, construction, hospitality, healthcare, and finance, attracting Filipinos with the promise of higher wages and career advancement. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular destination for Filipinos seeking employment abroad. The UAE offers diverse industries, including finance, construction, healthcare, tourism, and information technology. Filipinos are attracted to the UAE for its competitive salaries, modern infrastructure, and multicultural environment. It’s important for individuals considering work in the UAE to familiarize themselves with the local laws, regulations, and cultural norms to ensure a smooth transition and successful work experience.

These countries offer various opportunities and benefits that make them appealing to Filipinos looking for better career prospects, higher income, and a better quality of life.


The desire of Filipinos to work in these top countries reflects their aspirations for better career opportunities and improved living standards. Individuals must conduct thorough research, understand specific requirements and regulations for each country and make informed decisions when pursuing employment abroad. Furthermore, it is essential to consider factors such as cultural adaptation, language proficiency, and work-life balance to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience in the chosen destination.

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