Sagada Travel Guide
A Beautiful Sunrise over Kiltepan Peak, Sagada

Here’s a Sagada Travel Guide that will help you plan your trip for the entire year. Sagada is a 5th-class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines. The climate there is pretty cold especially at night because it is located up in the mountains.

People are so kind and willing to help you anytime and provide the information you need. The people in Sagada are called Igorots and the dialect spoken is Kankana-ey though interestingly, most locals express themselves better in English than in Filipino (the national language.)

Sagada Travel Guide in a Town Proper
Sagada Travel Guide Welcomes You To Sagada Town Proper

Have you watched the local movie “That Thing Called Tadhana?” If your answer is yes, I bet you’ve been dying to go to Sagada since then! Sagada is a small town located in the Northern Part of Luzon. It is a 12-hr drive from Manila so it takes a lot of patience going there but mind you,  this place really worth the wait (and travel, of course!)

Sagada The Hanging Coffins
Sagada The Hanging Coffins

Here’s the 10 Sagada Travel Guide

  1. Plan your trip ahead

    If you’re traveling via Private Transport or Car Rental, you might need an extra driver for this option. Remember, Manila to Sagada is 12 hours per way! If commuting is your thing, you have two (2) options: Ride a bus from Quezon City via Coda Lines (located in E. Rodriguez QC) or ride a bus from Baguio City via GL Liner Terminal.

  2. Pay the Environmental Fee

    Once you arrive in Sagada, go to the tourism office and pay the environmental fee of P35. Please take note that paying the environmental fee is a MUST because they will give you a receipt that you should keep and you may be asked to show it before entering many of the town’s sites.

  3. Secure a guide

    Securing a guide upon arrival is optional. You may ask the tourism office regarding the details so they can guide you accordingly.

  4. Watch your wardrobe

    Bring a jacket, please! The weather in Sagada is pretty cold, especially at night so you need to bring at least one. However, during your tour, I suggest you wear something comfortable because Sagada is known for its extreme activities and it may include a lot of trekking, walking and the like.

  5. Bring your camera

    This is also a must! Sagada is a very beautiful town (I swear!) and you might not want to miss a single snap of its beautiful scenery.

  6. Where to go

    There are a lot of tourist spots in Sagada! Here’s to name a few: Sumaguing Cave, Bomod-Ok Falls, Bokong Falls, Kiltepan Peak, Lake Danum, Lumiang Cave, Echo Valley (Hanging Coffins), Marlboro Country, and more!

  7. Where to Eat

    There are a lot of restaurants in town so you don’t have to worry about where to eat. Just take note that food in Sagada is quite expensive and will cost you around P200-400/pax per meal.

  8. Curfew

    Sagada’s town has a 9 PM curfew. Be sure to check your time always.

  9. Bring enough cash

    There is only 1 ATM in town and establishments here don’t accept credit card payments.

  10. Culture

    Please always keep your voice down and respect their culture. Avoid unruly behavior and be nice to everyone. Those are your 10 important things to know if you’re traveling to Sagada.

I also added a map that you should enjoy. Below is a 360-degree image view of the beautiful Sagada hanging coffins.

Sagada Travel Guide

Sagada should be on your bucket list! This place is truly magical and deserves to be noticed by everyone!

Have you been to Sagada? What is your experience? Please leave a comment down below!

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