Borromeo Beach Resort
One of the peaceful resort in Camotes Islands

Are you traveling to Camotes Island? Then, include Borromeo Beach Resort in your bucket list. This resort is one of the calmest and quiet separated shorelines on Camotes Islands. This beach is located in Bakhaw, Esperanza in Camotes Island. It is prominently known as the colossal escape from the buzzing about of the city.

Camotes Island Borromeo Beach Resort
The banner you will see when you enter Borromeo Beach Resort

Borromeo resort has a wonderful sunlight that is great for those who want a golden brown tanned skin. It is additionally an extraordinary place for companions, families, group vacation and wedding trip as well!

Amazing White Sand Outside Borromeo Beach Resort
Beautiful White Sand

Borromeo Rooms

  • K1 Maximum for 5 persons
  • K2 Maximum for 10 persons
  • K3 Maximum for 15 persons

Borromeo Beach Resort Facilities

  • Tent
  • Beach Bed
  • Volleyball Facilities

Borromeo Beach Resort Contact Number

Address: Bakhaw Esperanza San Francisco Camotes 6000
Phone Number: 09186647894

For faster transaction, you can visit their Facebook Page.

If you are planning to stay on this particular place in Camotes, Borromeo Resort offers its facilities for your comfortable rest of the island. Experience Summer, experience Borromeo Beach Resort!

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I fully recommend Borromeo Beach Resort because nothing beats the beautiful Long Beach shore in Bakhaw Esperanza, Camotes Island!


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