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Blackbeard’s Seafood Island SM Seaside Cebu

The Seafood Island is located in SRP (South Road Properties) SM Seaside Cebu. It is one of the top most loved dining restaurants in the...

Chateau de Busay Inn & Restaurant: Wedding Destination

Standing upright in height among the superb mountain hills of Cebu, Chateau de Busay gladly carries the name of this blossom providing region. A...

Things You Loved About Casa Verde

Everyone's love to eat especially if you're hungry. Who doesn't? Finding a good place to eat in Cebu isn't really that hard. Cebu City...

5 Best Restaurants Found in The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

I've always loved Cebuano restaurant where you simply just can't resist and keep coming back for more. Where food is great and the people...

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